There’s more than one way to cook an egg…

Eggs. They really are incredible aren’t they. They have so many uses in cooking, and they are of course a food itself. There is a lot of lore behind them, including that of the old fashioned chefs toque…which is said to have 100 pleats in it representing the 100 ways a chef knows how toContinue reading “There’s more than one way to cook an egg…”

Polpette di ceci (senza carne)

So I’ve mentioned before on this blog that while I am not a vegetarian I do not eat a great deal of meat, and there are plenty of days when I simply do not want any. Today was one of those days. These chickpea balls are definitely not a replacement for meatballs because they tasteContinue reading “Polpette di ceci (senza carne)”

It’s amazing what a little oil and garlic can do…

Okay. So you’re likely wondering what’s with the picture. Right? It’s not much to look at, and what is it anyhow. Simple…spaghetti squash cooked with aglio e olio, or with garlic and oil (and a few other things. As simple as this photo looks the squash is bursting with flavor. It’s amazing what a littleContinue reading “It’s amazing what a little oil and garlic can do…”

Toum! (an interpretation)

So this is a variation of a variation of a variation…but geeze ‘o man is it good. What, you may wonder, am I talking about. Garlic mayonnaise and it’s many variation. The south of France (and Italy and Spain) have Aioli (the French word for garlic is ail), in the Middle East there is theContinue reading “Toum! (an interpretation)”

The Anatomy of a Healthy but Really Delicious Pizza…

Okay. So this pizza was delicious. I say “was” and not “is” because I ate more than half of it for dinner and I’ll likely eat the rest before the night is out. Anyhow, this post is more about the crust than what is on it (because you can really put whatever you like onContinue reading “The Anatomy of a Healthy but Really Delicious Pizza…”


Pesto is similar to sofrito in that it is both an ingredient and a stand-alone recipe. It can be eaten as is–as a dip or spread–or added to recipes as a flavor enhancer. The word loosely translates from the Italian as “pounded,” because this was originally made with a mortar and pestle. But with theContinue reading “Pesto!”


This is a simple but classic dish. Make this at home in minutes and save lots of money from what you’d pay in a restaurant (but then you have to wash the pans and dishes). Anyhow, this is really simple and truly flavorful. If you’ve never made this recipe before I hope you give itContinue reading “Scampi!”

Pasta d’oro con fagioli

This is an easy and delicious variation on the classic pasta dish, pasta e fagioli (pasta with beans), which is often meatless but when it does contain meat it is usually pork. In this particular recipe I used smoked turkey which offers some of the smokiness of bacon or other pork products. I also addedContinue reading “Pasta d’oro con fagioli”

Asparagi aglio e olio (and a few other ingredients)

Olive oil, garlic, hot pepper, and lemon. Brilliant. Yes, I know I’ve posted this recipe before (and those similar to it), but I can’t get enough of it. It is so easy to make and so delicious I’m going to keep posting it/them until you make a variation of it 🙂 Stove-Top Braised Asparagus withContinue reading “Asparagi aglio e olio (and a few other ingredients)”

This is way more fun than cutting a lawn…

It has been more than ten years since I tore up my teeny front lawn and planted a teeny vegetable garden which yields big results. And over the years it–the garden–has spread to other areas around the house; the side and rear, mainly. But this year–because of various reasons–I have only planted the front yardContinue reading “This is way more fun than cutting a lawn…”

Farfalline with Asparagus, Tomatoes, Chicken Broth, Saffron, Garlic Confit, and Fontinella

This is a continuation of a previous post regarding garlic confit…here’s an example of a recipe in which I used it. I made this for staff lunch at work yesterday. At first glance this may look complicated but it is really very simple…and really delicious. Other than the chicken broth this recipe is meatless butContinue reading “Farfalline with Asparagus, Tomatoes, Chicken Broth, Saffron, Garlic Confit, and Fontinella”

Put some stuff on it! (or, Pizza: history in every bite)

Pizzas Pictured (from front to back): Za’atar and shanklish; Margherita; boursin cheese with smoked trout and smoked salmon; pesto and portobello mushroom (click the image for a larger view). One of the aspects of food that I have always found interesting—besides cooking and eating it—is its history. And to study food history is in aContinue reading “Put some stuff on it! (or, Pizza: history in every bite)”

Pizza Primavera (yum!)…cooking like it’s springtime even if the weather won’t cooperate

I made this for dinner tonight and it was another one of those meals where you look in the fridge and realize there’s not much there. In this case I usually either put it (whatever I happen to have) on a pizza, make a sandwich out of it, or toss it with pasta (which isContinue reading “Pizza Primavera (yum!)…cooking like it’s springtime even if the weather won’t cooperate”

Two Mediterranean Inspired Recipes

These two recipes are both easy to make and really delicious (but don’t I say that all the time). And, other than boiling the pasta for the stew and caramelizing onions for the rice, these are both made in a single pot (easy cleanup). The stew (ragu) that is pictured below (second recipe) was madeContinue reading “Two Mediterranean Inspired Recipes”

Tuna and Chickpea Meat(less) Balls

Is it just me or are foods that are ground, seasoned, and then shaped into balls or patties really delicious. Versatile, too. These are a play on the classic fish meatballs found in Mediterranean countries; in this recipe I substituted half the amount of fish with chickpeas. And I have to say the outcome was/isContinue reading “Tuna and Chickpea Meat(less) Balls”

Two Loaves and a Pie…

  This evening I made a couple loaves of honey-whole wheat bread, and as is sometimes the case–like tonight–I pinched off a piece of the dough to make a pizza for dinner (some believe that this was actually the origin of pizza…the bakers made themselves a little something to eat while the rest of theContinue reading “Two Loaves and a Pie…”

Verdure aglio e olio (due ricette)

Okay. By now–if you’ve been to this blog before–you know that I like things cooked with olive oil and garlic. A lot. I could eat it in variation nearly every day…and I almost do. I posted a similar recipe about a month ago but this combo was too good not to share…whole wheat penne withContinue reading “Verdure aglio e olio (due ricette)”

Turkey Meatballs with Red Pepper, Green Onion, Jalapeño, and Feta

These tasty little nuggets are a variation on a theme…I used turkey for this recipe but they can be made with nearly any protein you like (meat, fish, or fowl). They are really delicious but the best part is how easy they are to make…mix everything together and cook them. Simple as that. Turkey MeatballsContinue reading “Turkey Meatballs with Red Pepper, Green Onion, Jalapeño, and Feta”

Baked Lamb RagĂą with Macaroni and Three Cheeses

So I have to start this post off with a word that comes to mind…Yum! Geeze o’ man is this delicious; I made this tonight for dinner for my son and myself. This is the type of recipe that can be tailored to your own tastes. It would work equally well, for example, with beefContinue reading “Baked Lamb RagĂą with Macaroni and Three Cheeses”

Two Recipes Made for Each Other…

I made these tonight for my son and myself…Penne and Halibut Fra Diavolo and Spaghetti Squash Aglio e Olio. How was it, you may be wondering? Let’s just say there is not much left 🙂 Delicious. Both recipes are really easy to make and bursting with flavor. If you want more pic and the historyContinue reading “Two Recipes Made for Each Other…”