Verdure aglio e olio (due ricette)

Okay. By now–if you’ve been to this blog before–you know that I like things cooked with olive oil and garlic. A lot. I could eat it in variation nearly every day…and I almost do. I posted a similar recipe about a month ago but this combo was too good not to share…whole wheat penne withContinue reading “Verdure aglio e olio (due ricette)”

Pasta Fra Diavolo

Pasta with seafood…yum! It is one of my favorites. And Fra Diavolo is likely my all-time version of seafood pasta. It’s name–Fra Diavolo–translates from Italian to “Brother Devil,” and the dish has a somewhat interesting history (to read about it go to this post). This recipe can be made with nearly any seafood and anyContinue reading “Pasta Fra Diavolo”

Simple Pasta Recipe = Comfort Food

I had mentioned in recent posts on how I am in a particularly stressful period right now at work. Crazy busy. Just one lunch and dinner after another. Today, at one point, I think I was making five different recipes simultaneously while I was also directing my staff. I’m not mentioning this to be aContinue reading “Simple Pasta Recipe = Comfort Food”

Penne Bolognese (senza latte o panna)

Pasta with meat sauce. Mmm…I love it; easy to make and really delicious. But first I have to say that while I am most definitely not a vegetarian I do not eat a great deal of meat (for a variety of reasons). Sometimes I go days, even a week or so with out eating meatContinue reading “Penne Bolognese (senza latte o panna)”

Twenty Minute Pasta with Beans and Greens Recipe

This recipe–as I say about all the recipes that I post on this blog–is really easy to make, nutritious, and super delicious. And it only takes twenty minutes (or less) to prepare, granting you have your beans cooked and have good knife skills (in other words, if you can chop things fast). The only meatContinue reading “Twenty Minute Pasta with Beans and Greens Recipe”

Shrimp Fra Diavolo

This is by far one of my favorite seafood/tomato sauce recipes. It’s easy to make and really delicious…and it has an interesting history also. To read more about it’s origins, the reason certain ingredients are included, or to see photos of it being prepared, click here. (And no, to some of the squeamish readers whoContinue reading “Shrimp Fra Diavolo”

Things That Can be Carried on a Bike (#391)…and a few comments about repairs

Things on the bike: A cardboard box containing two hand-crank pasta machines and two ravioli plates, a plastic bucket containing a partially mixed batch of Ezekiel Bread, and a canvas bag containing–among other things–a few books and a mini tripod. A couple comments: The reason the dough on the bike is partially mixed is becauseContinue reading “Things That Can be Carried on a Bike (#391)…and a few comments about repairs”

Handmade Pasta

Homemade pasta is not only simple to make but also fun. And besides that I really believe it is one of the most brilliant foods there is. Think of it’s versatility, nearly every culture has a version of it, and its most basic form it is nothing more than a paste made with flour, andContinue reading “Handmade Pasta”

Meatballs…or polpette?

Likely everyone in America has an opinion on the recipe and/or origin of classic tomato sauce and meatballs, especially if you are of Italian ancestry. Some say this is purely an American recipe that was adapted by early Italian immigrants out of necessity, while others believe it has its roots in the “old country”…and surelyContinue reading “Meatballs…or polpette?”

Super Delicious (and simple to make) Pasta con Vendure

This is a dish that I served to our staff at work yesterday. I was trying to use up some vegetables because we are closed for the first week of January. It’s really just a more complex version of any of the aglio e olio dishes I’ve posted here before. But before I start theContinue reading “Super Delicious (and simple to make) Pasta con Vendure”

Broccoli Aglio e Olio

Vegetables can be so beautiful. I’ve posted on cooking things with aglio e olio many times in the past, but I had this for dinner last night and thought it was so beautiful and delicious I thought I’d share a picture. Click here or a recipe (with pasta); click hereto see many other versions ofContinue reading “Broccoli Aglio e Olio”

I Like to Cook at Home

“Cooking is a great destresser because it serves as a creative outlet,” says Debbie Mandel, author of “Addicted to Stress.” “And while stress can numb your senses, cooking activates them. It’s a sensory experience with aroma, taste, touch, visual delight and even sizzling sound.” I could easily start and finish this post with it’s title:Continue reading “I Like to Cook at Home”