The Reward…

As summer begins to wind down the tomatoes and peppers are coming to full fruition. And one of the rewards each summer is tomato sauce. I make it a few times throughout the season and then usually one bigger pot…which was today. I made about 3 gallons of sauce “hillbilly style” (cooked it outside asContinue reading “The Reward…”

La Tomate

Beautiful isn’t it. It is–or at least was–as big as my fist. I ate most of it for dinner as an tomato and raw onion sandwich on whole wheat bread slathered with mayonnaise and doused with a liberal amount of cracked black pepper. It was, as I ate it, still warm from the sun. Delicious.Continue reading “La Tomate”

This Year’s Garden Issue, and a quick tomato recipe

Every year it seems there is a new “issue” in the garden. Such is life, right? I can’t imaging how difficult it must be for farmers who rely on their crops for their livelihood, or those who rely on the food they grow to sustain them entirely. A few years ago I had an armyContinue reading “This Year’s Garden Issue, and a quick tomato recipe”

I Like to Cook at Home

“Cooking is a great destresser because it serves as a creative outlet,” says Debbie Mandel, author of “Addicted to Stress.” “And while stress can numb your senses, cooking activates them. It’s a sensory experience with aroma, taste, touch, visual delight and even sizzling sound.” I could easily start and finish this post with it’s title:Continue reading “I Like to Cook at Home”

How to Make a Really Delicious and Nutritious Deep-Dish Pizza (and a loaf of bread, too)

Pizza is one of my favorite homemade comfort foods to make (click here for additional pictures and recipes). And while many believe it to be time-consuming and somewhat laborious–or even difficult–to make, it is neither. It’s basically bread dough with stuff baked on it. Thus, when I bake pizza at home I usually make twiceContinue reading “How to Make a Really Delicious and Nutritious Deep-Dish Pizza (and a loaf of bread, too)”

Still My Favorite…

Though this has not been my best year for the garden–mostly because of this years experiment of seeing how close I can plant things and then neglect–I’ve still managed well enough. But tomatoes are by far still my favorite vegetable to grow. The one pictured above I ate today, and even though it is closerContinue reading “Still My Favorite…”

Things That Can Be Carried on a Bike (#346)…and a quick recipe

Things on the bike; all the ingredients for tomato sauce: 4 quarts fresh tomatoes (click here to see them)1/2 cup extra virgin olive oil 2 small onions4 cloves of garlic1 tablespoon sugar 2 teaspoons sea salt 1 teaspoon fennel seeds1 teaspoon crushed hot pepper2 cups chicken broth1 bunch fresh basil (This is a simple butContinue reading “Things That Can Be Carried on a Bike (#346)…and a quick recipe”

My Frozen Tomato Experiment

It may seem odd to be writing about tomatoes in mid-November but this is the outcome of a successful experiment. Last summer is a memory as I sit next to the wood-burning stove as I type, but it was sultry none-the-less. And the steamy heat brought not only multitude of tomatoes in my garden butContinue reading “My Frozen Tomato Experiment”

The Last of the Tomatoes

I rummaged around the garden in the rear of my house today and was surprised to discover tomatoes hanging from the vines and lying on the ground…not bad for the second week of October. There are still a fair amount of green ones hanging on the vines which I didn’t pick but probably should have…IContinue reading “The Last of the Tomatoes”

Fresh and Super-Delicious Tomato Sauce in 10 Minutes Using Four Easy Steps

This is a basic tomato sauce recipe that I make all summer long with fresh tomatoes and basil from the garden. At the end of the season I usually make a larger batch and freeze it in increments (click here to see a previous post regarding a large batch). This is so easy to makeContinue reading “Fresh and Super-Delicious Tomato Sauce in 10 Minutes Using Four Easy Steps”

Love at First Bite

To quote Tom Petty, “The waiting is the hardest part.” I’m of course referring to tomatoes; I’m one of millions of Americans who find this to be their favorite garden vegetable (fruit, actually). It really does make summer feel like summer to me when I can pick tomatoes from their vines. I’ve been eying thisContinue reading “Love at First Bite”

Tomato Time

Tomatoes are my favorite garden vegetable to grow. They’re my favorite for a couple of reasons: firstly because I enjoy eating them raw or in almost any preparation, and secondly, after the initial planting they are almost worry free…give them sun and water and you’re guaranteed a good crop by August. At any rate, IContinue reading “Tomato Time”