The green and yellow right in front of me…

So am I the only one that cannot believe it is already the second week of August? As we enter the backside of summer I’ve been trying to appreciate it more by noticing the things right in front of me (which isn’t always an easy thing to do); but looking through a camera lens helpsContinue reading “The green and yellow right in front of me…”


Ratatouille is the perfect summer vegetable dish. The ingredients are at peak season, and are easily grown in a home victory garden…I in fact grew these. The main ingredients–zucchini, eggplant, tomatoes, peppers, and basil–need very little tending, they almost grow like weeds. With its tongue-twisting title it may come off as a somewhat intimidating recipe,Continue reading “Ratatouille!”

The salad that grew in my front yard, and a few other things…

To quote Tom Petty, “the waiting is the hardest part.” It really is, isn’t it. You see things growing and hanging on their plants but they are not ready to pick…and then all at once everything seems to ripen. Today was my first real haul from my teeny front yard garden. All of the ingredientsContinue reading “The salad that grew in my front yard, and a few other things…”

Green Green Garden…

So it’s still early in the season but with the humidity and wet spring things are really flourishing. Because of various reasons I’ve cut way back on the amount I’m growing this year, but all of these items are growing in my teeny front yard right next to the sidewalk (pavements to my brothers andContinue reading “Green Green Garden…”

Eight Days Separated by Two

So this is pretty cool (I think). Above is a series of four photos I spliced together which were taken over an eight day period every two days…a row of tomatoes, which I picked when I tore up my front garden, sitting on a kitchen sill ripening. Urban Simplicity.

Fall Colors and a Few Comments…

These two photos have nothing in relation to one another other than they represent fall colors (I think). And it’s interesting how the last of the harvest season–before everything turns grey for the winter–is such a burst of color. It’s as if the Universe is saying, “Here you go…have one last blast of color beforeContinue reading “Fall Colors and a Few Comments…”

The Reward…

As summer begins to wind down the tomatoes and peppers are coming to full fruition. And one of the rewards each summer is tomato sauce. I make it a few times throughout the season and then usually one bigger pot…which was today. I made about 3 gallons of sauce “hillbilly style” (cooked it outside asContinue reading “The Reward…”

This is Just One Reason I like to Grow Food

There are of course so many reasons why a person should grow at least some of their own food. I do it to save a bit of money, to keep me connected to the earth, but mostly because the food tastes so damn good. This recipe is a perfect example. It is, of course, theContinue reading “This is Just One Reason I like to Grow Food”

Food Not Lawns

Though I have a small garden in the front of my house this (pictured above) was plucked this evening from the garden in the rear of the house. Beautiful, isn’t it. I have only about six broccoli plants (two out front and four in the back) but this time of year it grows almost quickerContinue reading “Food Not Lawns”

After the Rain (four photos and a few words)

Well it finally rained today. A crazy heavy downpour with thunder and lightening. I stood on the porch and watched it for a while. It lasted only about an hour. The rain is so infrequent this summer it seemed really special. I wished it would rain all day. It’s not very often I hope forContinue reading “After the Rain (four photos and a few words)”

Bursting with Color and Flavor…

Beautiful aren’t they…just picked this morning. Like much of the nation it has been hot in Western New York and the vegetable plants are loving it. Yesterday when I picked a perfectly ripe tomato for dinner it was not just warm from the sun but actually hot to the touch…it felt like it was cooked,Continue reading “Bursting with Color and Flavor…”

La Tomate

Beautiful isn’t it. It is–or at least was–as big as my fist. I ate most of it for dinner as an tomato and raw onion sandwich on whole wheat bread slathered with mayonnaise and doused with a liberal amount of cracked black pepper. It was, as I ate it, still warm from the sun. Delicious.Continue reading “La Tomate”

This Year’s Garden Issue, and a quick tomato recipe

Every year it seems there is a new “issue” in the garden. Such is life, right? I can’t imaging how difficult it must be for farmers who rely on their crops for their livelihood, or those who rely on the food they grow to sustain them entirely. A few years ago I had an armyContinue reading “This Year’s Garden Issue, and a quick tomato recipe”

Four Photos of Cabbage…

These are a few of the vegetables growing in my teeny front yard garden (in a few months these will fermented into kim chi). Such a humble vegetable but when studied up close–and through the lens of a camera–they are nature’s artwork… Urban Simplicity.

"Tis the Season…

Beautiful isn’t it? The first tomato of the season. Within two weeks I’ll have a bushel of them. And the season seems especially early this year. Like much of the nation, Western New York State has been sweltering this summer and the garden plants are loving it. We–WNY–have a relatively short growing season, but IContinue reading “"Tis the Season…”

I Ate My Front Yard for Dinner…at least some of it

As many of you know from reading this blog, about 10 years ago I tore op my teeny front lawn to plant vegetables and have never looked back. It gets the best sun and I realized that I would much rather grow and pick vegetables than I would grow and cut grass. I eventually startedContinue reading “I Ate My Front Yard for Dinner…at least some of it”

Food Not Lawns

The above image is of my teeny front yard, or what was once a front yard. I haven’t grown grass there in years. I’ve been a vegetable gardener for the past 25 years or so, and after moving into my current house about ten years ago I realized two things. The first was that IContinue reading “Food Not Lawns”


Yup…it’s that time of year again. Time to start thinking about the victory garden. That’s a savoy cabbage plant pictured above. Future food for my son and I. In a few months I plan on eating it. No, let me rephrase that. In a few month months, after I harvest the cabbage and some cayenneContinue reading “Anticipation”