A Mid-Autumn Surprise

I found the above berry (and two others) growing in my front yard this morning. Yup, even on this chilly autumn day (big difference in temperature today…feels more like autumn or early winter). I had planted a strawberry plant this past spring and didn’t expect any fruit until next spring. And as I was wheelingContinue reading “A Mid-Autumn Surprise”

Still My Favorite…

Though this has not been my best year for the garden–mostly because of this years experiment of seeing how close I can plant things and then neglect–I’ve still managed well enough. But tomatoes are by far still my favorite vegetable to grow. The one pictured above I ate today, and even though it is closerContinue reading “Still My Favorite…”

Refrigerator Pickles

A next door neighbor gave me a few cucumbers and hot peppers today. Still having a couple cucumbers hanging on their vines I wanted to preserve these so  I made a quick batch of refrigerator pickles. These are so easy to make (and you can make them with almost any vegetable). Combine the vegetables andContinue reading “Refrigerator Pickles”

Who (or what) has been Eating My Corn?

A few days ago I noticed one of my cornstalks was either knocked or pulled down, and it looked like it was partially eaten. It annoyed me but I brushed it off thinking it was some neighbor kids who pulled it out and a rat nibbled on the fallen stalk. Well, it’s been going onContinue reading “Who (or what) has been Eating My Corn?”

It’s Almost Time…

Beautiful aren’t they? While most of my vegetables grow in the front of my house I have two grapevines that have all but taken over my back yard. For the past few years I’ve said I was going to make wine, and a couple years ago I even purchased this antique grape press (click hereContinue reading “It’s Almost Time…”

After the Rain…

By now regular readers of this blog have probably figured that I enjoy taking photos; I have since I’ve been a teen. I gave it up for a few years–for various reasons–but with the ease of digital cameras today I’d be hard pressed to find out why a person wouldn’t want to take pictures…take aContinue reading “After the Rain…”

Love at First Bite

No I am not turning into a vampire, I’m referring to the first bite of tomatoes from my garden this year. It’s sort of a ritual of mine to eat the first tomato of the season straight from the vine, which I did tonight (the one in the foreground). Though I have a fair amountContinue reading “Love at First Bite”

Cabbage: Two Views

Maybe I’m a little strange (OK, I am a little strange) but I find this truly beautiful. Two cabbage plants in the front yard on a warm evening as the sun was hitting them just right…almost sensual aren’t they? (Click the image for a larger view.) I see home-grown autumn sauerkraut and kim-chi in myContinue reading “Cabbage: Two Views”

A Salad Worth Fighting For

The above photo is the first (mostly) complete meal I’ve made from my front-yard garden this season. I say mostly complete because not everything in it was from the garden. Being early in the season (and the fact that I got a late start), the garden has a small amount of a lot of differentContinue reading “A Salad Worth Fighting For”

Front Yard Wheat

This is a picture of a continuation of two previous posts (click here and here) regarding my garden experiment for 2011…front yard wheat. It’s only a small patch to see if it would grow–it is–so maybe next year there will be more. There won’t be nearly enough to make enough flour for a loaf ofContinue reading “Front Yard Wheat”


I was pleasantly surprised when I went to the garden tonight to snap a few photos. It was the evening and the sun hits the plants “just right.” Because of my late start this year I did not expect any flowers or fruit yet, but upon closer inspection there is plenty. I ate beans asContinue reading “Anticipation…”

Grow Your Own…

It is still pretty early in the growing season for Western New York State (and we had a late start) but some things are already coming to fruition. Tonight, for example, I was able to make an excellent green and red leaf salad flavored with herbs (and one single piece of broccoli) that my sonContinue reading “Grow Your Own…”

Still Planting…

As I’ve mentioned in previous posts regarding gardening, my vegetable garden(s) are a new experiment each year. In fact they began as an experiment about twenty years ago. I pushed a few things in the ground and was surprised that they grew…and grew and grew. Anyhow that was an apartment and a house ago…the houseContinue reading “Still Planting…”

Front Yard Broccoli in the Morning

OK, so I know that’s a hokey title for this post…but the photo is what it is. This morning, just before I left for work, I went out to the front yard garden–coffee cup in hand–to see if rabbits had a buffet last night (they didn’t…yet) and was taken by how the sun was reflectingContinue reading “Front Yard Broccoli in the Morning”

The Birds Didn’t Get It All…

For the past few days I’ve felt like “old farmer Joe” as I shooed birds away from my experimental little wheat field (er…wheat patch). Each morning as I’d get up there would be a crowd of birds bobbing and pecking away at the wheat kernels; I thought for sure they’d get it all…but they didn’t.Continue reading “The Birds Didn’t Get It All…”

First Signs of Spring

Maybe it’s just me, but it seems like this has been a long winter; not terribly snowy but very cold. Anyhow, as I was taking out the trash yesterday I spotted this…the tiny dot of green which you see in the above image. Last autumn, just before the real cold came, I pulled out anyContinue reading “First Signs of Spring”