Green Green Garden…

So it’s still early in the season but with the humidity and wet spring things are really flourishing. Because of various reasons I’ve cut way back on the amount I’m growing this year, but all of these items are growing in my teeny front yard right next to the sidewalk (pavements to my brothers andContinue reading “Green Green Garden…”

After the Rain (four photos and a few words)

Well it finally rained today. A crazy heavy downpour with thunder and lightening. I stood on the porch and watched it for a while. It lasted only about an hour. The rain is so infrequent this summer it seemed really special. I wished it would rain all day. It’s not very often I hope forContinue reading “After the Rain (four photos and a few words)”

Food Not Lawns

The above image is of my teeny front yard, or what was once a front yard. I haven’t grown grass there in years. I’ve been a vegetable gardener for the past 25 years or so, and after moving into my current house about ten years ago I realized two things. The first was that IContinue reading “Food Not Lawns”

Front Yard Wheat

This is a picture of a continuation of two previous posts (click here and here) regarding my garden experiment for 2011…front yard wheat. It’s only a small patch to see if it would grow–it is–so maybe next year there will be more. There won’t be nearly enough to make enough flour for a loaf ofContinue reading “Front Yard Wheat”


I was pleasantly surprised when I went to the garden tonight to snap a few photos. It was the evening and the sun hits the plants “just right.” Because of my late start this year I did not expect any flowers or fruit yet, but upon closer inspection there is plenty. I ate beans asContinue reading “Anticipation…”

Still Planting…

As I’ve mentioned in previous posts regarding gardening, my vegetable garden(s) are a new experiment each year. In fact they began as an experiment about twenty years ago. I pushed a few things in the ground and was surprised that they grew…and grew and grew. Anyhow that was an apartment and a house ago…the houseContinue reading “Still Planting…”

Front Yard Broccoli in the Morning

OK, so I know that’s a hokey title for this post…but the photo is what it is. This morning, just before I left for work, I went out to the front yard garden–coffee cup in hand–to see if rabbits had a buffet last night (they didn’t…yet) and was taken by how the sun was reflectingContinue reading “Front Yard Broccoli in the Morning”

Tomatoes on a Shelf

  So what’s the date? November 5th…and I still have tomatoes ripening. I picked these a little over a week ago (the very last of them), and it was just before the first frost. They’re on a shelf in my kitchen ripening. The above picture is 5 photos of them over the last 8 orContinue reading “Tomatoes on a Shelf”

Home Grown Sauerkraut (Photos and Recipes)

Well of course sauerkraut is not “home grown,” it’s prepared…more specifically it makes itself, you simply provide the proper conditions. I have made this, and other variations, many times but never with cabbage that I grew myself; it literally went from the dirt to the fermentation bucket in about 20 minutes…now a couple weeks toContinue reading “Home Grown Sauerkraut (Photos and Recipes)”

Fall Harvest

I finally pulled up the garden in the front yard today. We haven’t had any frost yet so there were still vegetables growing. Amazing! I would have let it grow longer but this Saturday I am getting my annual shipment of firewood and he dumps it (you guessed it) right in the front yard. IContinue reading “Fall Harvest”

Sidewalk Brussels Sprouts

Over the years I have really grown (pun intended) to love cruciferous vegetables but have never really had much luck in my garden with brussels sprouts…usually all leaf and no vegetable. But that’s not the case this year. I have 4 plants growing in my front yard about 12 inches from the sidewalk. Maybe itContinue reading “Sidewalk Brussels Sprouts”

The Last of the Tomatoes

I rummaged around the garden in the rear of my house today and was surprised to discover tomatoes hanging from the vines and lying on the ground…not bad for the second week of October. There are still a fair amount of green ones hanging on the vines which I didn’t pick but probably should have…IContinue reading “The Last of the Tomatoes”


Despite the incredible devastation to my tomato plants by an enormous hornworm I’m still able to collect a fair share of tomatoes (click here to see a picture of the scary hornworm in action). This was today’s collection, there’s more to come yet…looks like there’s tomato sauce in my future this summer after all…although probablyContinue reading “August”

After The Rain

After the rain tonight I went out to the garden to pick a few tomatoes because I saw that some were super-ripe and nearly ready to fall from the vines themselves. It was that magical time–almost mystical–right after a storm when it’s not-yet-night but not-quite-day. The sky had a glow to it and–because of theContinue reading “After The Rain”


I Love this…as hot and humid as it has been this year I am really enjoying it. The garden is literally out of control. You can barley see the Mundo locked up to the hitching post behind the cucumber, broccoli, green beans, and corn. Whenever I start to get down about how hot it hasContinue reading “Summer!”

Another Meal From The Garden

It is that delicious time of year when things are starting to come to fruition in the garden. I picked just enough vegetables for dinner tonight and made a variation of my favorite pasta dish…aglio e olio. Click here and here for earlier posts with pictures on how to make this dish with a recipe.