Mini-Cargo Bike

Well, after the recent spate of frigid and snowy weather I finally worked–a bit–on my winter bike…the Mundo, I’ve concluded is not meant for riding in extreme snowy and icy conditions. I hadn’t ridden this bike in likely 8 months and have to admit I don’t take the best care of it…it is, after all,Continue reading “Mini-Cargo Bike”

Thoughts on the New Bread Platform (or luggage carrier)

I’ve ridden the Mule with the new Bread Platform attached for the past week or so (not exclusively because I’m still riding the Mundo), and my overall impressions very favorable. It was very easy to install, it’s sturdy, and it is large…really large for a front rack. It measures 12 inches (30cm) by 17 inchesContinue reading “Thoughts on the New Bread Platform (or luggage carrier)”


I Love this…as hot and humid as it has been this year I am really enjoying it. The garden is literally out of control. You can barley see the Mundo locked up to the hitching post behind the cucumber, broccoli, green beans, and corn. Whenever I start to get down about how hot it hasContinue reading “Summer!”