This Year’s Garden Issue, and a quick tomato recipe

Every year it seems there is a new “issue” in the garden. Such is life, right? I can’t imaging how difficult it must be for farmers who rely on their crops for their livelihood, or those who rely on the food they grow to sustain them entirely. A few years ago I had an armyContinue reading “This Year’s Garden Issue, and a quick tomato recipe”

Food Not Lawns

The above image is of my teeny front yard, or what was once a front yard. I haven’t grown grass there in years. I’ve been a vegetable gardener for the past 25 years or so, and after moving into my current house about ten years ago I realized two things. The first was that IContinue reading “Food Not Lawns”

Vintage Food Posters

I enjoy vintage food posters in the same way that I do vintage bicycle posters. What I find interesting (one of the things I find interesting) is that the information they state is still mostly relevant today. You’d think we’d have learned by now. Anyhow…just thought I’d pass these these on. Urban Simplicity.

This is the last pepper I am going to purchase…

…at least for this season. I have 28 pepper plants (6 varieties), among other things, growing in my super-teeny Allentown “front yard.” Some are already starting to flower…very exciting. Urban Simplicity.

Savage Victory Garden

It’s early July and my vegetable garden has already become pretty wild…almost feral (despite our somewhat gloomy and overcast summer thus far). Every year I tell myself that I will weed better and not plant so close (they look so tiny when I put them in the ground)…and every year it becomes something past myContinue reading “Savage Victory Garden”