Vintage Food Posters

I enjoy vintage food posters in the same way that I do vintage bicycle posters. What I find interesting (one of the things I find interesting) is that the information they state is still mostly relevant today. You’d think we’d have learned by now. Anyhow…just thought I’d pass these these on. Urban Simplicity.

You’ve Got Mail…

I just thought I’d pass a long a bit of info on a new update to this page (shameless self-promotion is no easy task for me). I’ve recently added a mail widget to this blog…if you enter your email address you will receive an any new posts from via email. And just to let youContinue reading “You’ve Got Mail…”

I Like To Eat…and with both hands

Firstly I would like to say that I am not immune to junk food or fast food; in short I don’t believe that just because I cook for employment (and write this blog) that I am a food snob. But I also have to qualify this statement. My version of junk food is potato chipsContinue reading “I Like To Eat…and with both hands”

Food, inc.

I just finished watching the documentary, Food, inc. I found it both scary and invigorating…I feel like I have to do something at a personal level, every purchase I make counts. I encourage anyone who needs to eat to survive to watch this film. Click here for the movie’s web site; click here to seeContinue reading “Food, inc.”