Le Pain d’Ezéchiel (bis)

I haven’t posted this recipe in a while, but it is still my favorite bread, and is in fact still the #1 reason people visit my little blog. To read my views on this bread, click here. For pictures of it being made and additional directions, click here. Whole Wheat Ezekiel Bread Makes 2 orContinue reading “Le Pain d’Ezéchiel (bis)”

The easiest but also one of the most decadent little cakes you’ll ever make…

Okay. So first a couple things. This cake (or cakes) is likely the easiest you’ll make. It is also super decadent. But the reason I made this is that I became intrigued by a recipe for a 5 minute chocolate mug cake floating around the Internet. I was dubious, and rightly so. I made oneContinue reading “The easiest but also one of the most decadent little cakes you’ll ever make…”

Das Kuchen (rezept und fotos)…

Like many Americans, ancestrally speaking I am a mixed breed. My dad’s family is Lebanese—straight from the “Old Country”—hence the Lebanese-inspired recipes on this blog. My mom’s family is German (with maybe a bit of French, too…my grandfather’s family was Alsatian); they’ve been in this country since about 1830 the best that I can tell.Continue reading “Das Kuchen (rezept und fotos)…”

Substitutions and Experimentation…there’s more that one way to make a cheesy cracker

This recipe is the outcome of substitution and experimentation with ingredients to alter a recipe to fit my needs…and the outcome–if I do say so myself–is outstanding. But as usual I’m jumping ahead; let me begin again. Next week I’ll be serving a cocktail party showcasing the heirloom tomatoes from Tom Towers Farm. He gaveContinue reading “Substitutions and Experimentation…there’s more that one way to make a cheesy cracker”

100% Whole-Wheat Wild Rice Bread

I made this bread today because I happened to come across a package of wild rice I had in my freezer from at least a year ago. It’s similar to any of the whole wheat bread recipes on this blog–including the Ezekiel Bread recipe–with the exception that it contains wild rice. Delicious…anyhow, here’s the recipe.Continue reading “100% Whole-Wheat Wild Rice Bread”

24 Hour Bread (or, how to control your dough)

I’ve mentioned in previous posts many times (many, many times) how I feel about homemade bread…that it is not only good for the body but also the soul; having your hands in raw dough–and making something as beautiful as a loaf of bread out of such humble ingredients–can be, well…spiritual. If not awe inspiring, atContinue reading “24 Hour Bread (or, how to control your dough)”

A Bevy of Swans (and how to build them)

Before I talk about the above photo I have to mention how interesting I think it is the different names for groups of birds. A group of swans on the ground, for example is a bevy or a game, but if they are in flight they are refereed to as a wedge. The oddest one,Continue reading “A Bevy of Swans (and how to build them)”

100% Whole Grain Bread (recipe, photos, info)

As many of you know, I like bread. A lot. I enjoy making it, but more importantly I enjoy eating it…and I do not believe it makes you fat. I could easily be a poster boy for the high-carb diet…I eat bread, pasta, or rice at nearly every meal and am well within my properContinue reading “100% Whole Grain Bread (recipe, photos, info)”

You’ve Got Mail…

I just thought I’d pass a long a bit of info on a new update to this page (shameless self-promotion is no easy task for me). I’ve recently added a mail widget to this blog…if you enter your email address you will receive an any new posts from via email. And just to let youContinue reading “You’ve Got Mail…”

Ezekiel Bread (revisited)

“Take wheat and barley, beans and lentils, millet and spelt; put them in a storage jar and use them to make bread for yourself.”—Ezekiel 4:9 (NIV) This is one of my favorite breads..it is not too difficult to make and it is super-nutritious. I’ve posted on this bread and variations of it in the pastContinue reading “Ezekiel Bread (revisited)”

Of Weights and Measure (and the dough that almost took over my kitchen)

This post is in response to a recent question by a reader; this wasn’t the first time this question was asked, just the most recent…and even after baking countless loaves of bread the same thing happens to me every so often, but it is completely fixable. What I am talking abut is the consistency ofContinue reading “Of Weights and Measure (and the dough that almost took over my kitchen)”

How to Bake a Really Good Loaf of Whole Wheat Bread

This is a bit of shameless self-promotion on my part…I’ve been trying to get better at this, but being a natural introvert (an INFP or an IFNJ) this is not easy, but I’m trying. Anyhow, this post is actually a link to highlight an article I just published in Artvoice magazine. It’s an article onContinue reading “How to Bake a Really Good Loaf of Whole Wheat Bread”

Honey-Sweet Potato Bread (recipe & photos)

I made this bread for our Thanksgiving dinner yesterday…it’s simple to make, subtly sweet, the dough is soft, and it is delicious. It’s basically like making any other bread, or more specifically like making a rich potato bread. First you peel, dice, and boil the sweet potato, reserving the cooking liquid because that will beContinue reading “Honey-Sweet Potato Bread (recipe & photos)”

They’re Not All Perfect…

…but they’re still really good. What I mean by this is that even when you have homemade “bread problems” the result is usually going to be better than something you’d buy at the supermarket. The above loaves are good examples of this. While I was preparing to make tomato sauce today I decided to purgeContinue reading “They’re Not All Perfect…”

Brown Rice Bread Recipe

This is yet another example and variation of how you can add healthy ingredients to bread to make them not only more nutritious but also have a longer shelf life. Unless you are using a natural leaven (sourdough starter) homemade breads can go stale pretty quickly. But with the addition of beans and grains theContinue reading “Brown Rice Bread Recipe”

Sweet Potato Sandwich Bread Recipe with Photos

This is a variation of classic potato bread…the difference is that I substituted sweet potatoes for the white potatoes, used olive oil instead of butter, honey instead of sugar, and incorporated some whole wheat flour to give it a little flavor and texture. I’ve made this bread in the past (or at least some variationContinue reading “Sweet Potato Sandwich Bread Recipe with Photos”

More Experiments in Fermentation (Cinnamon-Raisin Bread)

I made a bread recipe that is slightly different but at the same time just a variation on a theme. I made cinnamon-raisin bread using a traditional recipe but including the raisins in the preferment. It was interesting because the raisins, though not entirely disintegrated, became so soft that when I mixed the dough theyContinue reading “More Experiments in Fermentation (Cinnamon-Raisin Bread)”

Whole Wheat Sun Dried Tomato Bread with Cheddar and Parmesan (step-by-step photos and instructions)

 Bring 3 cups of water to a boil, turn it off, then add 8 ounces (about 2 cups) of sun dried tomatoes to the hot water. Allow the liquid to cool to room temperature.  Combine the tomato-water mixture with 3 cups of whole wheat flour and a tablespoon of instant yeast. Place it in aContinue reading “Whole Wheat Sun Dried Tomato Bread with Cheddar and Parmesan (step-by-step photos and instructions)”

The Day Before Lent

   The cartoon was found here…click it to read it. As most know, this Tuesday is the day before Lent. In some parts of the country and other parts of the world this day is known as Mardi Gras, or Fat Tuesday…the the day Christians are expected to use up any sweets, meats, and otherContinue reading “The Day Before Lent”