Fall Harvest

I finally pulled up the garden in the front yard today. We haven’t had any frost yet so there were still vegetables growing. Amazing! I would have let it grow longer but this Saturday I am getting my annual shipment of firewood and he dumps it (you guessed it) right in the front yard. I still have a few things growing in the backyard but this little harvest is truly awesome. It is, after all, closer to November than the beginning of October. This is proof that you can grow at least some of your own food at home no matter how little land you have. Many of these vegetables literally butt up against the sidewalk (pavements) as they grow. Below is the diagram of my front yard garden I drew last spring (click it for a larger view); each square represents 6 inches. Part of what I like about having the garden out front is that I walk through it every time I enter or exit the house.

Until next year….

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