Fall Colors and a Few Comments…

These two photos have nothing in relation to one another other than they represent fall colors (I think). And it’s interesting how the last of the harvest season–before everything turns grey for the winter–is such a burst of color. It’s as if the Universe is saying, “Here you go…have one last blast of color before I bring on winter.” The above photo was taken on the grounds of the Butler Mansion here in Buffalo. I was riding home last evening and the colors caught my eye as I rode past the gate (which was open), so I coasted in and snapped a few photos. Amazing isn’t it. I find it interesting–and it likely is what caught my eye–is that the trees around it are still green, making the one in the photo stand out that much more. The bottom photo is of the vegetables after I harvested and uprooted what was left of the garden in the front of the house (my annual delivery of firewood is deposited directly where the front garden grows, click here to see it). There’s still a small garden in the back of the house that has vegetables hanging on the plants. The green tomatoes in the picture are ripening on a kitchen counter as I type these words. I see tomato and pepper soup in my near future…

Urban Simplicity.

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