Pasta Fra Diavolo

Pasta with seafood…yum! It is one of my favorites. And Fra Diavolo is likely my all-time version of seafood pasta. It’s name–Fra Diavolo–translates from Italian to “Brother Devil,” and the dish has a somewhat interesting history (to read about it go to this post). This recipe can be made with nearly any seafood and anyContinue reading “Pasta Fra Diavolo”

Pasta (e Pesce) Fra Diavolo

If you’ve been to this blog before you know that I enjoy cooking and eating pasta, and just because it’s hot outside doesn’t mean I’m not hindered. Tonight for dinner I made one of my favorites…Pasta Fra Diavolo. I cooked it in my outdoor kitchen in my backyard to alleviate heating my teeny indoor kitchen.Continue reading “Pasta (e Pesce) Fra Diavolo”

Pasta Fra Diavolo (variation)

Pasta Fra Diavolo is one of my all-time favorite pasta dishes…probably because I love any type of pasta with tomato and seafood. The name, fra diavolo, translates from Italian as “brother devil.” There are numerous theories on it’s origin, but the two most common are that it was named after an Italian monk who “wentContinue reading “Pasta Fra Diavolo (variation)”