Put some stuff on it! (or, Pizza: history in every bite)

Pizzas Pictured (from front to back): Za’atar and shanklish; Margherita; boursin cheese with smoked trout and smoked salmon; pesto and portobello mushroom (click the image for a larger view). One of the aspects of food that I have always found interesting—besides cooking and eating it—is its history. And to study food history is in aContinue reading “Put some stuff on it! (or, Pizza: history in every bite)”

Chaudrée (deux recettes)

Many American foods have their rootsfirmly planted in Europe and have developed in this country in a sortof convoluted fashion. The recipes were often brought to our countrywith immigrants when they migrated here, and usually adapted toutilize ingredients that were readily available. Chowder, forexample, had its beginnings in France, then was brought to FrenchCanada beforeContinue reading “Chaudrée (deux recettes)”