New Orleans Red Beans-and Rice Burgers

These are a variation of a few different vegetarian/bean burgers I’ve made and posted somewhat recently, and a play on the classic New Orleans red beans-and-rice recipe. While this recipe is equally delicious it is a bit more labor intensive than my other vegetarian burger recipes (but not really) in that you have to cookContinue reading “New Orleans Red Beans-and Rice Burgers”

Bananas Foster!

Okay. So a few things first. This dish is so easy to make you won’t even have to think about it. It is really, really delicious. But it’s also really rich (every so often is ok, right?). The image above is the recipe in large quantity; I made it today for 120 people (in thatContinue reading “Bananas Foster!”

Stuffed French Toast is Anything but "Lost"

Pictured on this post is a breakfast I made for my son (and a friend) and it’s his favorite…French Toast. I’ve posted numerous pictures and versions of this simple but delicious recipe in the past (click here), but what sets this one apart is that the toast is stuffed. As usual, I used homemade wholeContinue reading “Stuffed French Toast is Anything but "Lost"”