One Last Ride…

If you’ve visited this blog before then you know my interest in bicycles as not just a vehicle from which to get from point A to point B (though for this they are extremely useful) but also as human powered machines that do things. I’ve of course showed all sorts of things that can beContinue reading “One Last Ride…”

Art Imitating Life…Things That Can be Carried on a Bike (#484)

On the bike….photos of bikes carrying things on bikes being carried to an art gallery by one of the bikes in the photos carrying and being carried by bikes. If you are in the Buffalo area and are at all interested, I’ll have a few photos from the Things That Can be Carried on aContinue reading “Art Imitating Life…Things That Can be Carried on a Bike (#484)”

Cargo Bikes…what’s old is new again

If you’ve been to this blog before then you likely know that I have an interest in the history of the bicycle, particularly bicycles that are built to work and carry stuff (to read more about this click here). Anyhow, after reading this excellent article today in Momentum Magazine regarding the quiet rise of theContinue reading “Cargo Bikes…what’s old is new again”

Lawn Surfing…or parking lot surfing, or road surfing, or…

Okay, this takes the tiny house movement to a whole new level. That’s Alexander Main in the above photo in the midst of building his bicycle RV, which he now lives in. When he parks it at night he refers to it as “lawn surfing” (nice). Here’s a picture of the finished RV below. WhileContinue reading “Lawn Surfing…or parking lot surfing, or road surfing, or…”

L’Arrotino (The Grinder Bike)

This, I think, is really interesting. A work bicycle of yesterday being built again for today. I originally came across this at Bike Hugger, and apparently it is being built for Nella Cutlery by Winter Bicycles. I’m old enough to remember–when I was a little boy–the vegetable hucksters coming around (by truck not bike) andContinue reading “L’Arrotino (The Grinder Bike)”