Five (or nine) Quotes about Bicycles

Photo Credit. “Get a bicycle.  You will certainly not regret it, if you live.”~ Mark Twain “When I see an adult on a bicycle, I do not despair for the future of the human race.”~ H.G. Wells  “When man invented the bicycle he reached the peak of his attainments. Here was a machine of precision andContinue reading “Five (or nine) Quotes about Bicycles”

No Tricks or Fancy Riding Without Permission…

 Image found at The Buffalo History Gazette. What, you may wonder, do these two photos have in common? Well, they are both taken in the city in which I live and during the same time period (around 1890), when the main mode of transport was horse (and carriage), your own two feet, or a bicycleContinue reading “No Tricks or Fancy Riding Without Permission…”

Cargo Bikes…what’s old is new again

If you’ve been to this blog before then you likely know that I have an interest in the history of the bicycle, particularly bicycles that are built to work and carry stuff (to read more about this click here). Anyhow, after reading this excellent article today in Momentum Magazine regarding the quiet rise of theContinue reading “Cargo Bikes…what’s old is new again”

A Few Old Bikes plus a Few Words

Pictures of old bikes. Or more specifically, old pictures of people on bikes. I love them. I haven’t posted them in a while, so here are a few. Oddly, I started thinking about bicycles as transportation tonight–and their role in the history of transportation in the last few centuries–when I saw a bumper sticker onContinue reading “A Few Old Bikes plus a Few Words”

L’Arrotino (The Grinder Bike)

This, I think, is really interesting. A work bicycle of yesterday being built again for today. I originally came across this at Bike Hugger, and apparently it is being built for Nella Cutlery by Winter Bicycles. I’m old enough to remember–when I was a little boy–the vegetable hucksters coming around (by truck not bike) andContinue reading “L’Arrotino (The Grinder Bike)”

Bicycle Ambulance

Photo Credit By now you, the reader or visitor to this blog, know that I am a proponent of bicycles as a utility machine, not just a weekend toy but a serious piece of equipment that can carry you and all your stuff where it needs to go. I believe that bikes are utilitarian, andContinue reading “Bicycle Ambulance”

Barcelona 1908

I’ve posted this video in the past but not in a while. I thought I’d re-post in the event you haven’t seen it. When I first came across it I was mesmerized…I still am. I think it’s beautiful. Maybe it’s the music, I’m not sure. It captures the street scene more than a hundred yearsContinue reading “Barcelona 1908”

Buffalo Soldiers

Well first off, the title of this post has nothing to do with soldiers in the city where I was born and live, Buffalo, NY.  It’s referring to the Twenty-fifth United States Infantry Regiment, also known as Buffalo Soldiers, which was at the time a racially segregated regiment. I’ve posted the above picture before andContinue reading “Buffalo Soldiers”

And Now For Something Really Interesting…

I have long been interested in the history of the bicycle. I’ve also been to California numerous times, though never to Los Angeles. And quite frankly, I would never think of bicycle history and Los Angeles in the same thought. More likely, and this is stereotyping (please, Los Angelers, don’t send me hate mail), IContinue reading “And Now For Something Really Interesting…”