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Things that can be carried on a bike (#678)…

$170 in groceries, sundries, and dog food. Three liters of red wine. And a double order of Chinese take out.

Now if I were the type of person that liked to scrunch words together and put a number symbol in front of them (which of course is also known as a hashtag), I would likely do it to the following phrases… cars are optional, bicycles are vehicles, human powered, be the change you want to see, and freedom (and yes, I am aware the last one is a word and not a phrase but that’s what makes it special I suppose).

Urban Simplicity.

Things that can be Carried on a Bike (#557 & #558)

#557 (above)…Construction debris on its way to a dumpster.

#558 (below)…$110 in groceries, sundries, and dog food.

Urban Simplicity.

Things That can be Carried on a Bike (#523)…and a random photo of a sunflower.

On the bike (and in the trailer)…groceries, sundries, dog food, and a gym bag.

Urban Simplicity.

Things That Can be Carried on a Bike (#495) and a brief comment…

On the bike…Slightly more than $120 in groceries.

I was shopping at a local grocery store yesterday. It’s not my favorite store but it is the closest to my house; this is mainly the reason I go there (but they do have good prices on produce). And one of the things I like about this store is that plastic grocery bags are not given to you; the cashier asks if you want any. This, I’m sure is not for environmental purposes, it’s for financial (they charge 10 cents a bag). Nonetheless, it keeps less people from using plastic bags and that’s ok with me. But that’s not what I’m getting at. As I paid my bill the cashier–seeing I didn’t have any bags with me–asked how many I would like. She looked at my rather full cart, then back at me, then says, “Are you just going to put all this stuff in your car loose like this?” Well, I tell her, no, not exactly…I’m on a bike. She smiled and looked as if waiting for the punch line, as if I told her a joke. To cut to the end of the story, she didn’t believe me. I told her that I’ve carried far more things than this on my bike(s), but she looked at me like I was a bit nuts (which I may be). I realize that me carrying this stuff is not all that special (likely many of you reading this do the same and carry much more than this by bike) but it is really something…the automatic response regarding cars and bikes in our culture (yes, I know I am generalizing). As I wheeled the cart away I actually heard her tell the cashier next to her that I am carrying all that stuff on a bike. I just smiled and pushed the squeaky cart towards the door…

Urban Simplicity.

Things That Can be Carried on a Bike (#478)…and a few brief comments

Well, this post should actually be titled “Things That Can be Pulled by a Bike” because nothing wa actually on the bike except me, everything was being pulled, and this is it…

About $40US in groceries, a gym bag full of wet clothes, three bottles of wine, and two slices of pizza.

Also, this past week marks one year of being entirely car-free 🙂 but more on this in a later post.

And lastly, don’t forget that May is National Bike Month and next week, May 8th, is National Bike To Work Day.

Urban Simplicity.

Things That Can be Carried on a Bike (#475)

Various bread baking supplies and ingredients (including about 5lbs. of live starter which later exploded–literally!–in my refrigerator), and a 6qt. professional-grade mixer.

Urban Simplicity.

Things That Can be Carried on a Bike (#443) and the View from My Handlebars

On the bike…nearly $170 in groceries.

The view in front of me…a big, big sky on a cold, cold winter’s day.

Urban Simplicity.

Things That Can be Carried on a Bike (#402 & #403)

#402 (above)…a plastic bag containing an extra pair of dry pants which I changed into after arriving at church soaking wet from riding in the rain.

#403 (below)…A canvas bag containing wet gym clothes; a BikeRev trailer containing 3 liters of red wine and $62.57 worth of groceries.

Urban Simplicity.

Things That Can be Carried on a Bike (#390 & 391)

#390 (above photo)…$233.67 worth of groceries on a v3 Mundo and Bike Rev trailer.

#391 (below photo)…Two cardboard boxes on a Torker Cargo-T containing six large foil tins stuffed full of food leftovers (one of them leaking olive oil on the rear fender…which my pugs loved) on its way to a local food pantry.

Urban Simplicity.

Things That Can be Carried on a Bike (#449), a View from My Handlebars, and a Couple Comments

(above photo) A nylon gym bag full of wet clothes, and a BikeRev trailer containing slightly more than $50 in groceries.

(below photo) I was on my way home this evening from the health club and grocery store and the weather was just perfect…not-too-hot, not-too-cool, brilliant sun, and not a cloud in the sky. After this past week of mostly rain and then humid weather this was truly welcome. I spent my day rushing around a hot kitchen and it felt really good to be out in the fresh air. In the below picture I was waiting at a traffic light. I was facing west and the sun hung low because it was mid-evening. The traffic light seemed especially long. So as I stood there straddling my bike I squinted through the sun and watched two planes travel through the sky (visible in the picture) knowing I will be on one in a  couple weeks. The warmth of the sun was on my face and a slight breeze was to my back. I also thought, as I waited for the light to change, that I haven’t had a car in nearly two months and I’ve barely noticed it. At that moment there was nowhere else I wanted to be.

Urban Simplicity.

Things That Can be Carried on a Bike (#443)…and a couple comments

On and being pulled by the bike…$184.67 in groceries.

Comment #1…I went to a big box supermarket today, haven’t been to one on a while. Not that I’m boycotting them or anything…I just don’t find them that convenient and would much rather shop in a smaller store. Anyhow, as my merchandise was being rang out I noticed that the cashier was putting it in plastic bags. I asked her not to put the remainder in bags, that I didn’t need them. I also mentioned that we could simply put the groceries back in the cart. How are you going to get them home, she asked, do you have bags in your car. Well, I told her, I have baskets and a trailer for my bike…I can just put everything in those without the bags. You’re going to carry all of this home on a bike, she inquired (it was a full cart). Yes, I don’t live too far. She eyed me suspiciously for the remainder of the transaction.

Comment #2…It is possible for an adult to survive in America without the daily use of a car.

Urban Simplicity.