Things That Can be Carried on a Bike (#443) and the View from My Handlebars

On the bike…nearly $170 in groceries.

The view in front of me…a big, big sky on a cold, cold winter’s day.

Urban Simplicity.

3 thoughts on “Things That Can be Carried on a Bike (#443) and the View from My Handlebars

  1. Love the Cargo T shots, by the way. I’ve been riding mine nearly every day for the past few years. I’ve carried all kinds of stuff as well. It was set up with three baskets at one point (zip tied to the front, with two wald folders on the rear). I’ve added some mud flaps, dyno lights (bottle dynamo), new grips and a new seat. Still going strong.

    1. Thanks Tom. Yes it’s a fun bike to ride. It has replaced my Yuba Mundo as my everyday bike. The Yuba still has a better overall ride, but I don’t always need seven feet of bike 🙂 Do you still have just the 3-speed? I’m finding it a bit limiting…may upgrade to a 5 or 7 speed hub. Thanks for visiting.

      1. I have the three speed hub. The first one started making noise, so I had it serviced. They put it back together wrong and it was ruined in two days. So I have a replacement 3 speed now. I’m on the fence about upgrading. I was thinking about putting the Sturmy Archer 5spd on the back and the XL-FDD dinohub on the front. I had my front hub rebuilt so I nixed that idea. I’m thinking about adding the 7 speed or 8 speed nexus coaster brake hub. Another option is adding a rear roller brake to the 8-speed instead of a coaster. It’s fine here in flat VA with the 3 speed, but my knees would thank me for the upgrade. Here’s my bike (slightly dated)

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