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Sometimes two seats are better than one…and they’re for sale.

Yup. It’s true. My beloved tandem is for sale. We sort of outgrew it. And by “we” I mean my son and I. This is the bike I used to transport him when he was a kid, now he is a young man. It’s a really good and solid bike, it rides great, and is really fun to ride. If you happen to be in the WNY and are interested feel free to contact me. If you want to see some of the specifics of the bike and it’s price, click here for its craigslist posting.

Urban Simplicity.

Things that can be carried on a bike (#592)…and a few words

A tandem bike.

I was pulling this tandem on it’s way to sell to someone and one of the best comments I received was someone yelled out at a traffic signal, “Hey, are you the bike taxi?”

The tandem has been in my teeny basement for at least the last five years. I used to use it to carry my son and I around when he was you. It was actually featured in an article that I wrote for Buffalo Spree about bicycling some years ago (click here to read the article and see the photograph of my son and I on the bike). I sold it to a a guy who has a young son so hopefully they’ll have as much fun as we did (we also used this bike to go on a mini-vacation and rode it to Niagara Falls, Canada and spent the night). Anyhow, for this reason–sentimental reasons–as he rode it away I was sorry to here it go…

Urban Simplicity.

More Interesting Bikes

I came across these bikes on east 10th Street last evening while looking for the former residence of Kahlil Gibran (more on that in a later post). For those of you reading this that happen to live in a large metropolis (or a small one that is “bicycle progressive”) seeing bikes like this parked curbside may be no big deal, but to me this is exciting. I believe, for example, I am the only rider in the Western New York area with a Mundo or other form of cargo bike (that I know of); there are a few Xtra-cycles but no other cargo bikes that I am aware of (for the Buffalonians reading this, if I am incorrect please let me know). Anyhow, two days ago I saw a guy ride by (in Mid-Town) on a LongJohn…and I couldn’t help but wonder where he stored it at night. Well this picture above is a good example. I wonder if they store them there when it snows. I’m not sure if they are Dutch or Gemren bikes but they certainly look sturdy. There is hope (for bicycles in the US), I thought to myself when I saw these.

Urban Simplicity.

Too Close For Comfort

I came across the above photo at the Facebook page of Car-Free America. It is–as it’s description says–the Oriten, a ten-seat bike made by the Orient Bicycle company. I had never heard of such a thing, but after Googling it I was surprised to see that it was quite popular around the time it was manufactured (1896); there were even races designed specifically for bikes with ten seats. When I look at the photo(s) a few things come to mind. One is I’m wondering if there was any frame flex with ten grown men sitting on it. Another is, I wonder how fast they could go with ten men pedaling (and that’s a lot of responsibility for the guy steering). And lastly, and this is just a personal one I suppose (but aren’t all opinions)…it just looks a little…well…a bit too close for comfort being sandwiched in there like that. At any rate, it would likely be a fun night out with the guys…having a few pints and not worrying about who’s driving home (I also wonder if you could ride it with just two or three guys…the thing must have weighed a ton). Anyhow, here’s a few more photos I came across.