Need a Taxi?

Most cities have them, and as of the past few years so does Buffalo. I’m talking about human-powered taxis, of course. That’s Landon pictured above, owner/operator of the Allentown Pedicab Company, the newest pedal taxi company in our city. I first became aware of him when I saw an article of him and his smallContinue reading “Need a Taxi?”

Food for Thought (a pro-bike post)

I found these images at various locations with a simple Google search. As many of you know I’ve been car-lite for years and am recently car-free. It’s interesting that I’ve been without a car for nearly two months and I barely notice it (this winter will be the true test). And I realize that ifContinue reading “Food for Thought (a pro-bike post)”

This Looks Fun (and useful)

This looks really awesome…but mostly fun. I’m not sure how fast it would go but it would probably come in handy in the sometimes harsh winters we see here in Western New York…then I’d really have no reason not to ride even on the snowiest days. It’s made by Lightfoot Cycles; they make many human-poweredContinue reading “This Looks Fun (and useful)”

A Few Random Thoughts, Photos, and Comments

I pass the above apartment house on my way home from work and there are usually a few fixies locked to that or another parking meter. This one, which is also a fixed gear bike, at least has brakes and wide tires…it makes me cringe when I see people riding brakeless (sp?), skinny-tire bikes inContinue reading “A Few Random Thoughts, Photos, and Comments”

Bicycle Powered Christmas Tree

A friend sent me a link a few weeks ago (thanks Suzy!) about Christmas trees in Barcelona that are powered by bike (click here to read the story). A series of bikes are attached to generators and passersby are encouraged to take a spin for a minute or two to keep the trees lit…pretty cool.Continue reading “Bicycle Powered Christmas Tree”

Pedal Your Laundry

This short video was sent to me by a regular reader of this blog (thanks M.). Last year I finally got a washer and dryer, the 6 years prior I carried my dirty clothes to the laundromat (mostly) by bike…what I should have done was washed my clothes by bike. I’ve been contemplating different pedal-poweredContinue reading “Pedal Your Laundry”

The Future Of The Automobile?

When I first saw this photo I was (and still am…a little) somewhat speechless (how much does that weigh, I wonder)…talk about reversed roles. By the looks of it, this photo was taken somewhere in Latin America. I love the fact that he is pedaling down the street with other cars. It would be interestingContinue reading “The Future Of The Automobile?”