A Few Random Thoughts, Photos, and Comments

I pass the above apartment house on my way home from work and there are usually a few fixies locked to that or another parking meter. This one, which is also a fixed gear bike, at least has brakes and wide tires…it makes me cringe when I see people riding brakeless (sp?), skinny-tire bikes inContinue reading “A Few Random Thoughts, Photos, and Comments”

I’m Glad to be Less-Than-Average

 Image found here. While fixing dinner yesterday and listening to NPR the commentator stated that with slightly higher gas prices this year the “average American household will spend $305 on gas this month.” What? Maybe I heard that wrong. But I didn’t (click here). As I’ve stated many, many times (did I mention many) IContinue reading “I’m Glad to be Less-Than-Average”

A Few Recipes, Thoughts, and a Couple Cartoons

100% Whole Wheat Bread: I’ve been playing around with a variation (simplification) of Peter Reinhart’s whole grain bread recipe. I find the idea of home made bread being made without too much fuss and it not occupying your time and thoughts very interesting. I much rather incorporate it into the rhythm of my day. ManyContinue reading “A Few Recipes, Thoughts, and a Couple Cartoons”