A Couple Bikes and a One-Man-Band

I took a day trip with my son to the vibrant city of Toronto. It’s a mere 100 miles / 160 kilometers from my home and a very simple drive (granting you don’t get stuck in rush hour traffic). And every time I go there I realize getting there once or twice a year isContinue reading “A Couple Bikes and a One-Man-Band”

Piles of Bikes

I was in the lovely city of Toronto yesterday and as usual was impressed with the sheer number of people I saw on bikes. There are ample bicycle parking spots, and most had a large number of bikes locked to them. There are also a large number of Bixi bicycle share hubs conveniently located throughoutContinue reading “Piles of Bikes”

A Few Toronto Pics (and a couple comments)

I was in Toronto the last couple of days and, as usual, was impressed. I go there once or twice a year–as I have for the past 25 years–for a day or two simply for a quick overnight (or two) getaway. It is a mere 100 miles (160K) from Buffalo, and only two hours awayContinue reading “A Few Toronto Pics (and a couple comments)”

Biking Toronto

Yesterday I went up to Toronto for a quick 24 hour sojourn. I do this a couple times a year simply for a change of pace; I’ll spend my day/evening alternating between bookstores, cafes, and nightclubs. It’s such an easy trip…under two hours if traffic on the Peace Bridge and the QEW cooperates. I’ve doneContinue reading “Biking Toronto”

Car-Free Condo

I’ve posted about the excellent bike culture in Toronto a few times in the past (click here to read one)…and the city still impresses me (on many levels). Anyhow, a reader from Toronto sent me a link to an interesting story. It’s regarding the building of a new high-rise condo in the city. It willContinue reading “Car-Free Condo”

Unplugged Earth

I read somewhere recently (though I can’t remember where) that up to forty percent of your household electricity usage can be accredited to things that aren’t even turned on…you know, all those little blinky lights and clocks on your electronics that you don’t even notice. With that said, imagine how much electricity consumption we wouldContinue reading “Unplugged Earth”

Bike Racks

I was in Toronto this past weekend, and as usual was impressed with the city for many reasons: its multiculturalism, it’s friendliness, it’s vibrancy and cleanliness, but mostly it’s robust bike culture. Toronto is a mere 100 miles from Buffalo and the climate is pretty much the same…snowy and bitterly cold much of the winter.Continue reading “Bike Racks”