Things I Saw While Riding My Bike Today…

One of my favorite things to do is ride around the city at night or during dusk and take photos; if I was an early bird–which I am not–I’m sure I would enjoy the dawn as well. Sometimes I really do question whether I am this guy reincarnated (but I’m getting off topic as I often do). Anyhow, tonight I did just that…rode around and took a few photos. I was inspired to do this because tonight is a full moon (wolf moon) but I couldn’t seem to get a good shot of it. Despite some of the warm colors in a few of these photos it was still cold tonight (20f/-7c), so besides my shivering hands and a shaking tripod I was unable to get a good shot at the moon. But I did get a bunch others, and here’s a few. The photo above I took earlier in the evening (around 6pm) with my trusty little point-and-shoot camera. It’s a view of Buffalo’s West Side looking west over Lake Erie at dusk. The images below I used another point-and-shoot camera–albeit a slightly better one–plus a DSLR. The first image below is our majestic City Hall. The next photo is of Prospect Park. And lastly, is a zoomed in view of Lady Liberty 23 stories up and on top of the Liberty Building. Click any image for a slightly larger view.

Urban Simplicity.

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