Just one of the reasons I choose to ride a bike…

I’ve mentioned in previous posts but not in quite a while that one of the things I really like about riding a bike is that I am an active part of the environment around me, that I am out in the elements. But even more than that, when I’m on a bike I see thingsContinue reading “Just one of the reasons I choose to ride a bike…”

Plus de Fleurs (or…nature blows me away)

Okay, so yes, I realize that I sometimes get carried away with photos of flowers. But I can’t help myself…their incredible and natural beauty blows me away (especially when looked upon through a camera lens or close up). All of these flowers are growing in my next door neighbor’s front yard (thanks Melissa!). And I’mContinue reading “Plus de Fleurs (or…nature blows me away)”

Crocuses and Lillies…evidence of spring

Despite the cold temps, these plant still manage to push through the damp soil and reach for the sun. Amazing isn’t it? In a few month’s time the crocuses will be a memory and the tiger lillies (two below) will all but have taken over my garden. Urban Simplicity.

Things I Saw While Riding My Bike Today (a photo essay)

Firstly I have to say a couple things. Mainly an apology (if these pictures bore you). This is the most photos I’ve posted at one time. But sometimes I simply cannot help myself. I am proud of my beautiful city and it’s long history. Yes, I realize–to my friends “across the pond” who are readingContinue reading “Things I Saw While Riding My Bike Today (a photo essay)”

A Recipe for Spring (whether it feels like spring or not)

So yes it is officially spring, but no–like much of the country–it does not feel like it. Nonetheless, I’m cooking as if it is. This is a really simple and really delicious recipe for stove-top braised asparagus. It’s really just a variation of any of my aglio e olio recipes…but with a couple more steps.Continue reading “A Recipe for Spring (whether it feels like spring or not)”

Things That Can be Carried on a Bike (#466)…and a very brief comment

On the bike…boxes of food (quiche, dinner rolls, muffins, etc.) on it’s way to a local food pantry. So okay, I generally love the snow, I really do. But (always a but), this is going on a bit too long this year. If you are reading this from the same area of the world inContinue reading “Things That Can be Carried on a Bike (#466)…and a very brief comment”

A View from My Handlebars

It was–and still is–a beautiful spring day as I rode to work earlier this morning. And as the weather gets more pleasant I am seeing more and more people on bikes (not all are crazy enough to ride year round). On my short commute there was one cyclist in front of me (pictured) and twoContinue reading “A View from My Handlebars”

This is Just a Test…

Well, first of all, while I’m not entirely car-free yet, I don’t specifically have one to drive. What I mean by this is that my truck is officially off the road (no longer legal as the inspection has not been renewed) and is sitting in the driveway of my son’s mom’s house, but I stillContinue reading “This is Just a Test…”

Five More Photos of Spring

These photos were taken over the past couple weeks…definitely not the last couple days. The reason I say this is the past couple days we have been experiencing the outer edges and remnants of a Nor’easter that has really pummeled much of the east coast. We (Western New York) were lucky in that we’ve onlyContinue reading “Five More Photos of Spring”

A Cold, Wet Day and Evening..good for practice

Today–as the title of this post stated–was cold and wet. Not the dangerous frigid cold you get in mid-winter, but that bone-chilling wet-cold that can only come in the spring. And it’s been sort of snowing and raining for the better part of the day. Anyhow, I mentioned in a previous post how dismayed IContinue reading “A Cold, Wet Day and Evening..good for practice”

Good Friday Moon

The moon is amazing tonight. I was out on my bike and couldn’t take my eyes off it as I pedaled and coasted. The above image I took from my backyard (not bad for a point-and-shoot camera), and the below image is the Liberty Building with a low lying moon to its right. And ifContinue reading “Good Friday Moon”