The Overview Effect…

You’ve likely seen this by now as it has been floating around cyber-space for a while. I really think it is worth the time to watch. I found it incredibly moving; inspiring. In one sense it made me feel small (in a good way) and in another it made me remember how incredible connected weContinue reading “The Overview Effect…”

Something to Ponder…

I came across this short clip a few days ago. It makes me feel small (which isn’t a bad thing, I believe, in the ego-centric world in which we live). It also makes me remember that we–human beings on planet earth–are all in this together. For better-or-worse we are all on this big marble hurtlingContinue reading “Something to Ponder…”

24 Hours of Reality

“History will not judge us by how much economic growth we achieve in the immediate years ahead, nor by how much we expand material consumption, but by the legacy for our grandchildren and their grandchildren,” he said. “We are consuming what is rightfully theirs by sacrificing long-term progress on the altar of immediate satisfaction. ThatContinue reading “24 Hours of Reality”

Precious Resource

The above photo was taken in my garden after a rain today. We needed it…it has been hot and humid, but mostly dry this summer. Water is such a natural and precious resource…sometimes (most times) I forget this; most times I don’t even think about it. But I should. It’s beautiful–jiggling and shimmering on aContinue reading “Precious Resource”