A Crescent Moon, Pink Sky, a Murder of Crows, and a few other Things I Saw while Riding My Bike Today…

So a couple things. Firstly, as I’ve mentioned in previous posts, Western New York has been experiencing an incredibly beautiful autumn. Each day is nicer than the next. And the evening’s skies are simply spectacular. Because it has been getting dark earlier, as I leave the health club in the evening it is just beforeContinue reading “A Crescent Moon, Pink Sky, a Murder of Crows, and a few other Things I Saw while Riding My Bike Today…”

Harvest Moon…

This is the view of the harvest moon from the end of my street in the middle of a medium-sized city on the eastern side of America. I find it really interesting and truly amazing that no matter what part of the globe you are reading these words sometime within a 24 hour span youContinue reading “Harvest Moon…”

A beautiful evening and an anti-auto rant…

Cool photo, right? I took it while on a walk this evening. It looks sort of Star Wars-esque, doesn’t it? You’d never know that I took it while in the heart of the city. Anyhow, I had gone for a long walk tonight to clear my head (walked the length of the Elmwood Village hereContinue reading “A beautiful evening and an anti-auto rant…”

From My Front Porch…

  It’s interesting, I think, how these two photos were taken five minutes (or less) apart and from the same location but looking in different directions; the top photo is looking west while the bottom photo is looking south. But I’m getting ahead of myself.  I have the weekend off this week…the first in aboutContinue reading “From My Front Porch…”

Three Photos Looking Skyward

These photos were all taken yesterday but are not in chronological (time-wise) order. The photo above is of last night’s blue moon…did anyone else see this? It was incredible wasn’t it? I couldn’t stop looking at it. Thus I thought I’d post it first. It really taxed the lens of my Canon Power-Shot. The skyContinue reading “Three Photos Looking Skyward”

Super Moon

In the event that you missed the super moon last night (also flower moon), here’s a couple images. The top photo was taken while I was out walking my dogs, and the below image was shot in my back yard. I couldn’t take my eyes off it. It was incredible. Click either for a largerContinue reading “Super Moon”

Things That Can be Carried on a Bike (#406)…and a quick comment

On the bike…A canvas bag containing a book and an extra camera, 3 liters of red wine, a gym bag containing wet clothes, and two slices of spinach pizza. A quick comment…I had mentioned yesterday regarding the wacky weather and how it was supposed to warm up today, well it did…and did it ever. IContinue reading “Things That Can be Carried on a Bike (#406)…and a quick comment”

La Luna

Technically, the moon was full two nights ago but I took these last night when it was waning (it still looked pretty full to me). I have always been drawn to a full moon…not sure why, it just fascinates me looming so large in the sky. Anyhow, last night I was out on the MundoContinue reading “La Luna”

An Evening View From My Handlebars…

It was such a beautiful evening tonight as I pedaled home…unseasonably warm for this time of year, not a breeze or cloud to be found, and the nearly full moon shone high in the sky (if you look close you can see a star or planet clearly visible to the moon’s lower left). It wasContinue reading “An Evening View From My Handlebars…”

Full Moon over Allen Street (denuo)

On my way home from work tonight I was so taken by the moon I had to snap a few photos of it. I posted a photo of this a month ago from this same spot (at the last full moon…that photo was better; more dramatic, click here to see it). And though this imageContinue reading “Full Moon over Allen Street (denuo)”

Full Moon over Allen Street

I was on my way to purchase a bottle of wine tonight after work and was struck by the scene above. The picture is taken from the focal point at the foot of Allen Street on the corner of Wadsorth looking east. The ominousness of the moon literally stopped me in my tracks…beautiful (frigid, too…10F).Continue reading “Full Moon over Allen Street”