Three Photos Looking Skyward

These photos were all taken yesterday but are not in chronological (time-wise) order. The photo above is of last night’s blue moon…did anyone else see this? It was incredible wasn’t it? I couldn’t stop looking at it. Thus I thought I’d post it first. It really taxed the lens of my Canon Power-Shot. The skyContinue reading “Three Photos Looking Skyward”

Thoughts on the Varying Degrees of Coincidence and Synchronicity

So here’s a brief story. I was at work today and not in a very good mood for a few reasons. One of the reasons was an on-going strained relationship between a co-worker and I (and no, if we work together and you are reading this I of course am not referring to you). It’sContinue reading “Thoughts on the Varying Degrees of Coincidence and Synchronicity”

Super Moon

In the event that you missed the super moon last night (also flower moon), here’s a couple images. The top photo was taken while I was out walking my dogs, and the below image was shot in my back yard. I couldn’t take my eyes off it. It was incredible. Click either for a largerContinue reading “Super Moon”


I was at my desk working this evening when I glanced out the window and saw this view…breathtaking. And knowing that at dawn and dusk when you see the light just right it is fleeting and you only have a few minutes to see it and/or capture it with a camera. I was already inContinue reading “Dusk”

Looking Up

Well this is interesting. The above photo is a zoomed in version of one I posted yesterday (scroll down one post). It was one of a few photos I took at dusk, and in the post I referred to it as the moon with a star visible. A reader of this blog commented that itContinue reading “Looking Up”