Sidewalk Brussels Sprouts

Over the years I have really grown (pun intended) to love cruciferous vegetables but have never really had much luck in my garden with brussels sprouts…usually all leaf and no vegetable. But that’s not the case this year. I have 4 plants growing in my front yard about 12 inches from the sidewalk. Maybe it was the hot summer and damp fall but the conditions must have been right…I was surprised today when I lifted their leaves to see the stalks covered in baby brussels sprouts; cabbage is doing well also (click here to see pictures). Anyhow, I was excited enough about this (it’s the little things, right?) that I thought I’d share a few pictures.

2 thoughts on “Sidewalk Brussels Sprouts

  1. Amrita…interesting, I would have thought you'd have brussels sprouts in India. They're sort of like little cabbages. Delicious.

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