Things That can be Carried on a Bike (#445), and the view from my handlebars…

On the bike…a gym bag full of wet clothes and a case of red wine (I get thirsty with all the exercise and biking).

Despite the warm colors in the photo below, like much of the northeastern United States and eastern Canada we are still in the grip of a cold-snap. It was/is cold today. As I type these words the Internet tells me it is still only 10f/-12c. As long as I stay warm I don’t mind it; it feels refreshing. I keep a scarf across my mouth, and layer clothing. But I do need a better pair of gloves. My fingers are okay until I remove the gloves to take a photo (doesn’t take long for an extremity to get cold in these temps) and then they don’t recover until I get inside.

But I also realize there are much worse problems to have in life…I have way more than I need (or deserve).

Urban Simplicity.

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