Things That Can be Carried on a Bike (ta-da…#500 & #501)…and a brief comment.

 #500 (top photo)…A case of wine, a gym bag containing wet clothes, and a camera and acamera bag with an extra lens.
#501 (bottom photo)…A large box of food on its way to a local food pantry.
So as the big demi-mille approached I thought that I would wait and post something really substantial, something “really important.” I of course–like most cargo cyclists–have carried really substantial things…that is the really fun part; it’s not always the destination but the journey itself. And as I thought about this I also realized that while I was about to post #500 (and yes, I’ve been using the numeric symbol # for this series long before it was known as a hashtag), I also thought about the countless things I carry on these bikes everyday that do not get posted…things that I carry with me throughout my daily life, things that I would likely carry in a car (if I had one) but carry on bikes instead. These two bikes, have in fact, enabled me to go car-free. Anyhow, these two photos were taken 12 hours apart; the above one in the evening and the below one the following morning. It’s just another way a person can get around, transport themselves, and carry whatever they need. And I am really thankful that I have this option.
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Urban Simplicity.

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