Things That Can Be Carried (or pulled) On A Bike (#111)

A covered trailer.$46.12 in groceries.A gym bag full of wet clothes. I took my old Trek (AKA, the mule) out for a spin today with my BikeRev trailer…getting ready for the snowy season. During the summer months (or should I say non-snowy months) I’ve been riding the Yuba and Dahon as my everyday bikes, butContinue reading “Things That Can Be Carried (or pulled) On A Bike (#111)”

I’ll Admit it (Reluctantly)

This post could easily be titled “Things That Cannot Be Carried On A Bike,” but I don’t entirely think it’s true. At any rate, I’ll admit a couple things: I’ll admit that I do use my small truck occasionally (and my middle aged knees find a secret relief), and I’ll also admit that I (occasionally)Continue reading “I’ll Admit it (Reluctantly)”