In flux…eight photos of the merging of seasons

As we all know this has been a hot summer–crazy hot–but this past week the temps have cooled (at least in Western New York) and it has ushered in the feeling of autumn, though it is still officially summer. Today, while out on my bike, I snapped these photos of nature in the city inContinue reading “In flux…eight photos of the merging of seasons”

Playing with Light (again)

These are photos I took a couple nights ago, just a block from my house on Buffalo‘s lower west side. I took them with an inexpensive little point-and-shoot camera; proof that you don’t need an expensive camera to take interesting photos (though I wouldn’t mind if I had one…but their price is prohibitive at present).Continue reading “Playing with Light (again)”

Life in Motion

How did it get so late so soon?It’s night before it’s afternoon.December is here before it’s June.My goodness how the time has flewn.How did it get so late so soon?~Dr. Seuss Sometimes I forget about it…or at least refuse to be aware. It has been such a busy year–the past month especially–and now Christmas andContinue reading “Life in Motion”