Crispy Spice-Fried Bean Curd with Salsa Verde

Okay. So this is as delicious as it looks. Whether you are a carnivore or a vegetarian this is really good…and really easy to make, too. I used both these recipes as ingredients for tacos tonight for dinner, but these are so versatile they could be used as of a “center-of-the-plate” type of a vegetarianContinue reading “Crispy Spice-Fried Bean Curd with Salsa Verde”

Carrot, Lentil, and Brown Rice Burgers (recipe and pics)

I am far from being a vegetarian but over the years I have drastically reduced my meat consumption, and this is another example of how delicious a meatless meal can be. In the title of this post I referred to these as burgers but I made them into smaller patties for dinner and ate themContinue reading “Carrot, Lentil, and Brown Rice Burgers (recipe and pics)”