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Things That Can be Carried on a Bike (#401)

A jar of peanut butter and a jar of grape jelly…staples in my household. Good thing I was riding a bike that has the ability to carry 440lbs/200kg.

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Urban Simplicity.

It’s on Its Way

Photo Found Here
Just got word from the good people at Yuba that my order is being processed, which I’m assuming means is ready to be shipped. I ordered the bike more than a month ago and had to wait because I ordered the stylish matte black variety. Most of my bikes are painted black (my current Mundo being the exception); I either purchased them that way or painted them myself. I suppose it’s my somewhat sarcastic nod to Henry Ford and his famous quote about his original automobiles: “Any customer can have a car painted any color that he wants so long as it is black”. At any rate, I am very excited; I’ll keep you posted…and hey, it’s way cheaper than a sports car.

Incidentally, my current Mundo is still for sale. I’ve temporarily lowered the price to $600(u.s.). If you’re within a 150 mile radius (240K) of where I live and are interested feel free to email or leave a post. Quite a bargain for a bike of this caliber.

Things That Can Be Carried On A Bike (#89)

Another bike.

Riding my Dahon folder yesterday I heard an odd clicking sound…a minute later the chain fell off the sprocket. Upon inspection I saw that a link had broken. I was going to fix it myself until I found out the bike shop would fix it for a little over ten bucks (new chain and all). And rather than walking it to the store I used the Yuba as a sort of tow truck…worked great. Received two comments along the way…..”What the?”….and, while stopping at a coffee shop on the way home, “that is f*#%ing awesome!”

Here’s the aforementioned chain.

It’s Beyond Me.

Tonight I did a few errands on the Yuba Mundo (had it mildly loaded…see previous post) and was on my way home cruising at a somewhat slow speed. As I crossed this intersection I glanced at the traffic light and the sun was in my eyes. The light apparently had just changed and I put myself in extreme peril (of getting hit by a vehicle and also verbal abuse). As I crossed the intersection cars began to move, then stopped to let me pass. Then someone laid on their horn and and poked their fist out the window (I thought that only happened in cartoons) and yelled, “Get outta the way, loser.” Loser, I don’t think so…I’m not the one all bitter and angry over a four-second wait. It really bothered me at first, then I felt the sun on my face again, and the wind in my (ever thinning) hair…and I rolled home a content man. I just don’t understand how someone can yell out the window at another person…it’s beyond me. I just don’t get it.

Mundo In An Urban Cornfield…and a few thoughts

Sort of a harrowing ride home tonight…and it was only about a mile or so.

First, I’m pulling out of a the driveway of the community center where I swim and there’s a car in the road getting ready to make a left turn into the same driveway. I needed to cross the street (not at a signal) and it’s a busy road where cars fly by way faster than they should, and I know I only have a small window of opportunity before the next batch of cars come from both directions. Our eyes meet, and I pull out. He then begins to turn also, while he’s looking at me. He has to stop because I am now in the middle of the road…he then gives me this look like, WTF.

My point is that if I were in a car I would have had the right-of-way…but apparently not on a bike.

Then, after stopping for a couple slices of pizza, I was coasting down Elmwood near Allen Street…and I’m going at a pretty good clip because of a slight incline. As is often the case when riding in the city I scan the cars to make sure no one is ready to open a door. Anyhow, I see a woman standing between two cars getting ready to cross the street. She looks both ways, and even looks directly at me (I think) and steps out. I slam on the brakes (which luckily I just recently adjusted) and skid to a stop. I stop literally about a foot away from her. Keep in mind that the Mundo weighs 65 lbs with nothing on, add another 160 lbs (me) and that’s a lot of momentum rolling down a hill. She looks at me and simply says: sorry. It really makes me wonder if she saw me or not…I still believe she did.

Things That Can Be Carried On A Bike: two slices of pizza, a gym bag, and the rider…all arriving home safely after a short but crazy ride.

Things That Can Be Carried On A Bike (#42)

A big cardboard box full of hardwood scraps.

Someone must have put in a new hardwood floor (oak, I think) and put the scraps in a box at the curb…perfect kindling for later this year. And yes, I realize that it is in the middle of summer, but this was just too good to pass up…and when you live in a region where the cold season can sometimes last for 7 months, heating your house is never far from your mind.

Things That Can Be Carried On A Bike (#39)

24 Mason jars.
An 80 foot garden hose.
A gym bag full of wet clothes.
3 rolls of paper towels.

I always enjoy the comments and looks I get riding this bike, especially when it’s loaded…but I received one of the best comments today while riding down trendy Elmwood Avenue during peak rush hour. It was from a young woman riding a fixie going in the opposite direction. She was on the opposite side of the street and as she passed she sat up, took both hands off her handlebars in order to cup her mouth and yell: “Hey buddy, nice rack.” It made me smile.

Mundo in a (mini) Cornfield

Ahhh…the dog days of summer.

This past winter I made a personal commitment to myself during a particularly frigid cold snap (that seemed to last for months) that I would not complain about the heat and humidity no matter how hot and humid it was in the kitchen…today was hot and tomorrow is supposed to be hotter and even more humid.

Whenever I begin to think that it is too hot I’m going to try to think of these comparative images: the first is of the Mundo that I took today…hooked up to my hitching post in the mini cornfield. The second photo is of the Mule hooked up to the same post during mid-winter. And the last is of the hitching post itself…unusable and almost buried in snow…at the time I was judging the weather by how deep the snow was on the post, today it depends on how tall the corn is…Ahhh…good ole’ summertime.