The View from My Handlebars 12.12.12

This image was taken at around 5pm this evening while on my way to the health club. It is at the intersection of Allen and Elmwood in Buffalo, just around the corner from where I live and my favorite section of the city. It was/is a crisp cold evening with nary a breeze in theContinue reading “The View from My Handlebars 12.12.12”

La Leña

It’s odd, I think, how autumn has sneaked up on me. It seems like it was just hot and humid and sunny (like it was for the better part of this past summer), and now today I received my annual delivery of firewood (not to mention that it is cool and damp outside). Four cords,Continue reading “La Leña”

Five Photos of Buildings and Sky

These were taken over two days. The top and bottom were taken today, and the middle three were shot yesterday. What a difference a day makes. Today there was nary a cloud in the sky and yesterday it rained for most of the day. The clouds broke just before sunset yesterday and it had theContinue reading “Five Photos of Buildings and Sky”

A View from my Handlebars

This was a view from my handlebars on my way to work this morning; I was at a traffic signal at this corner. There’s a lot going on in this picture. There were a group of guys doing something where they had to take up the sidewalk (pavements to my friends in the EU). I’mContinue reading “A View from my Handlebars”

Invasion of the Crow

I’ve posted pictures of crows before but am finding them ever fascinating lately. And tonight–after just recovering from a cold and feeling I needed some air–went for a walk on a foggy evening at dusk and took a few more photos. I’m not sure if I’m just noticing them these last couple years but theyContinue reading “Invasion of the Crow”

A Few Photos and a Few Words

Dusk and dawn are my two favorite parts of the day; the first signs of the beginning of a new day or the end of the current one…and the light is incredible. The above photo (Big Sky) I took last evening. As I rounded the corner on my bike the scene before me–or more accurately,Continue reading “A Few Photos and a Few Words”