Merry Christmas!

I know it’s a day early, and that not everyone in the world celebrates Christmas, but I thought I’d send out well wishes to all my fellow bloggers, bikers, cooks, and other misfit souls on this material plane in which we currently find ourselves. Merry Christmas and with hopes for a healthy and prosperous NewContinue reading “Merry Christmas!”

A Link and Clip

I’ve posted in the past of famous people on bikes, click here and here. Anyhow I thought I’d pass along a link of to site I’ve visit periodically, it posts only pictures of famous people on bikes–mostly from a bygone era–it’s called Rides a Bike. Click here, for example, to see a picture of BrianContinue reading “A Link and Clip”

Paul McCartney Rides a Bike

It’s refreshing to see someone as wealthy and famous as Sir Paul on a bike…and if these pictures are accurate not only does he look happy on a bike (with the possible exception of the last one…but hey, we all have our off days) but it seems as though he’s ridden one his entire life.Continue reading “Paul McCartney Rides a Bike”