After the Rain (four photos)

I snapped three of these photos in my garden as I left the house this morning for work, and the other (the bottom one) after arriving home, after things had dried up a bit. I’ve mentioned on more than one occasion this summer about the lack of rain in Western New York…it rained something likeContinue reading “After the Rain (four photos)”

After the Rain (four photos and a few words)

Well it finally rained today. A crazy heavy downpour with thunder and lightening. I stood on the porch and watched it for a while. It lasted only about an hour. The rain is so infrequent this summer it seemed really special. I wished it would rain all day. It’s not very often I hope forContinue reading “After the Rain (four photos and a few words)”

This is Just a Test…

Well, first of all, while I’m not entirely car-free yet, I don’t specifically have one to drive. What I mean by this is that my truck is officially off the road (no longer legal as the inspection has not been renewed) and is sitting in the driveway of my son’s mom’s house, but I stillContinue reading “This is Just a Test…”

Five More Photos of Spring

These photos were taken over the past couple weeks…definitely not the last couple days. The reason I say this is the past couple days we have been experiencing the outer edges and remnants of a Nor’easter that has really pummeled much of the east coast. We (Western New York) were lucky in that we’ve onlyContinue reading “Five More Photos of Spring”

A Cold, Wet Day and Evening..good for practice

Today–as the title of this post stated–was cold and wet. Not the dangerous frigid cold you get in mid-winter, but that bone-chilling wet-cold that can only come in the spring. And it’s been sort of snowing and raining for the better part of the day. Anyhow, I mentioned in a previous post how dismayed IContinue reading “A Cold, Wet Day and Evening..good for practice”

Red Red

It’s been raining, sleeting, and hailing for most of the day today. Maybe that’s why these flowers caught my eye…their bright colors in the midst of a drab and grey day. Beautiful aren’t they. I took a couple of these this morning as I left my house for work, and a few more on myContinue reading “Red Red”

A Few Photos of a Rainy Day

I had a crazy chaotic day at work today…just one of those days. Busy all day. And when I left at around 4pm I was surprised to see that it was raining…a light but steady mist. It looked almost like fog. And after rushing around a kitchen all morning and afternoon it felt good toContinue reading “A Few Photos of a Rainy Day”

Sometimes when it rains…

It seemed quiet on the streets tonight; maybe I was just imagining it. It was also raining…not heavy, just a light drizzle; slightly heavier than a mist…a drizzle. It was also a typical autumn evening…cool and damp; I could smell wood smoke in the air as I pedaled. And as I pedaled and coasted IContinue reading “Sometimes when it rains…”

(Mini) Zen Triathlon

Photo was not edited; it was, ironically, taken from behind the window of a car in the rain. I didn’t intend on this, it just sort of happened (does that make it even more Zen?). The pool is closed this week for yearly maintenance (swimming is my primary exercise, besides biking, of course) and whenContinue reading “(Mini) Zen Triathlon”

Wet…but a nice short ride

This has without question been an odd winter. The temperatures and snow have been fluctuating daily…and somewhat extremely (I think). Yesterday it was frigid, for example, but today it is warm and rainy; tomorrow the temp is supposed to drop again and bring with it more snow. This is something like the third time thisContinue reading “Wet…but a nice short ride”