Le Levain

7/99, as in July 1999…this is my 13-year-old levain (sourdough starter) which I brought out of hibernation. I’ve yet to make 100% whole wheat bread with a natural starter…this is next on my list. After that, naturally leavened whole wheat Ezekiel Bread. I’ll keep you posted. In the meantime, if you want to read moreContinue reading “Le Levain”

Party, err…Bake Bread Like It’s 1999

After not using it in nearly nine months I recently resurrected my sourdough starter. I’ve had plenty of starters but this is the original, named 799 as in July 1999, the month and year it was conceived. When it is bubbling and fully a live it is truly a beautiful thing to behold…yup it’s thatContinue reading “Party, err…Bake Bread Like It’s 1999”

Alan Scott 1936 – 2009

(Photo credit : Art Rogers, the New York Times) I learned today of the death of Alan Scott, co-author of the seminal book, The Bread Builders. He was also owner of the company, Ovencrafters, which specialized in hand-built brick ovens. His book undoubtedly touched millions of professional and novice bakers, including the one typing theseContinue reading “Alan Scott 1936 – 2009”