A Book, A Bike Ride, and Four Loaves of Bread

It is the beginning of the busy season at my place of employment and today is/was my only day off this week, sandwiched between a series of busy and stressful days. But as usual–being the doer that I am–I had a series of things that I planned on accomplishing today. My man-cave is in desperateContinue reading “A Book, A Bike Ride, and Four Loaves of Bread”

Le Levain

7/99, as in July 1999…this is my 13-year-old levain (sourdough starter) which I brought out of hibernation. I’ve yet to make 100% whole wheat bread with a natural starter…this is next on my list. After that, naturally leavened whole wheat Ezekiel Bread. I’ll keep you posted. In the meantime, if you want to read moreContinue reading “Le Levain”

Things That Can Be Carried On A Bike (#288)…plus some text and a couple recipes

A couple cups of twelve-year-old sourdough starter, which is named  for the date of its spontaneous incarnation…7/99, as in July 1999 (the year that my starter came to life and my marriage fell apart…I’m sure there’s a metaphor here but I’m still too far in denial to recognize it). I resurrected the starter a fewContinue reading “Things That Can Be Carried On A Bike (#288)…plus some text and a couple recipes”

Party, err…Bake Bread Like It’s 1999

After not using it in nearly nine months I recently resurrected my sourdough starter. I’ve had plenty of starters but this is the original, named 799 as in July 1999, the month and year it was conceived. When it is bubbling and fully a live it is truly a beautiful thing to behold…yup it’s thatContinue reading “Party, err…Bake Bread Like It’s 1999”

Old Faithful

This past week I resurrected my sourdough starter…I’ve had it in hibernation (i.e. refrigeration) for the past few months during the cold months. The starter on the right (7/99) is the oldest of them…7/99 stands for July 1999. After a few feedings it came back to life strong as ever. I made a traditional PullmanContinue reading “Old Faithful”

More Winter Notes

I know I keep harping on it, but this has been one cold and snowy winter. Sometimes it gets me down (maybe it’s the lack of direct sunlight), but other times I find it truly beautiful…today was one of those times. The snow looked so white and pristine, even in an urban setting. Here’s aContinue reading “More Winter Notes”

Pictures of Autumn

It’s easy to live simply in the city during the summer…there are no heating concerns, and vegetable gardens grow like weeds. But as the seasons march forward, things change. Autumn has always been, and still is, my favorite season. I had a few days off this past weekend and used the time to ready myselfContinue reading “Pictures of Autumn”