First of the Season

OK, I can’t be in denial any longer…well I can, I suppose, about many things, but not about the seasonal change. Today I lit my wood stove for the first time this season…for about an hour or so, just to take the chill off the house. Still haven’t turned on the furnace though. The summerContinue reading “First of the Season”

More Winter Notes

I know I keep harping on it, but this has been one cold and snowy winter. Sometimes it gets me down (maybe it’s the lack of direct sunlight), but other times I find it truly beautiful…today was one of those times. The snow looked so white and pristine, even in an urban setting. Here’s aContinue reading “More Winter Notes”

Pictures of Autumn

It’s easy to live simply in the city during the summer…there are no heating concerns, and vegetable gardens grow like weeds. But as the seasons march forward, things change. Autumn has always been, and still is, my favorite season. I had a few days off this past weekend and used the time to ready myselfContinue reading “Pictures of Autumn”