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The View from My Handlebars…

I had to be at work a little early this morning. It was cold–the first really cold morning of the year–probably about 30F, and not a breeze in the air. It felt good; crisp. And then as I rounded the corner and faced east this was the view in front of me as the sun rose. Beautiful. I stopped in the middle of the street to snap a photo. I was, and still am, so grateful to be on a bike in the open air. It was a great way to start the day.

A Garden of Eden in Hell

The above image is that of Alice Herz-Sommer, who is also the interviewee in the below short but very inspiring video. At 108 years young she is the oldest known living Holocaust survivor. A few years ago–at the age of 104–she wrote a book called A Garden of Eden in Hell, retelling her amazing life story. Her secret to survival and longevity, it seems, is gratitude, thankfulness, and positive thinking. Many of us, I believe, can learn a lot from this woman and this short clip…I know I can. It’s well worth the twelve minutes to watch this. To read a very short bio of her, click here.

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