A Bicycle for Mului (updated)….

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Joe and Mului (small)

Update…So we surpassed our goal in a little over an hour! Amazing, it really is. With all the negativity that is portrayed in the media each day this outpouring of generosity is really moving to me. Thank you. According to the website it will take about ten business days for the funds to reach me. When they do I’ll post pics of Mului on his new bike. Peace, and thanks again.


Hello Friends,

This is a picture of me with Mului, a co-worker. I am trying to raise $325 to purchase a bicycle for Mului. He is new to our country and works very hard to support his wife and young daughter, but he needs transportation to get to work. Right now he either walks or takes a bus. A bicycle would be much quicker and also offset the cost of a two-way bus ride everyday. $325 would be enough to purchase a bike, a good lock, and proper lighting. Contributions will not only help a person in need but also a local business as I will purchase the bike from a local independently owned bike shop. Click here if you’d like to help. Thank you for your consideration,





Urban Simplicity.

The view from my handlebars, a few thoughts on Ash Wednesday/Lent, and things to be thankful for…

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So there I was anxious and rushing to get home from the community center on yet another single digit evening so I could make it to the opening time of an online class that began tonight, but then I had to stop for yet another traffic light (pictured above). Why, I thought, did I hit another light? Doesn’t the Universe know I am late? The traffic light, of course, seemed especially long. But I couldn’t help notice the sunset. Incredible. Here it was something like 9F and I was straddling my bike shivering a little but looking at that incredible sunset–the same sunset that if you live in the same hemisphere as me could view along with me–it made everything ok. At least for a few minutes. And I started thinking about how today was the beginning of Lent; Ash Wednesday. Symbolically representing Jesus going into the desert and fasting for forty days. Well, I am far from fasting, though I have given a few things up. But I don’t just give things up for the sake of doing so (but if you do I am not trying to pass judgment); I like to add something, such as additional prayer, meditation, yoga, etc. And also random acts of kindness. But as I stood there straddling my bike, and my fingers grew increasingly colder and I looked at that incredible sunset, I thought that–as a spiritual practice–I really should appreciate gratitude more. Just the little things. Because I have so much to be grateful for. And at that very moment I realized how grateful I was for that sunset on this very chilly night. So I took out my iPhone and snapped a picture with shivering fingers.The traffic light seemed to take ten minutes to change (though it was probably only two), and I did make it home just in time for the online class. While I watched it I ate dinner while my two pugs sat at my side and wood stove heated the room. I was, and am, thankful for that as well. But as I rode home this evening I also realized that it was nearly 7pm and there was still light in the sky, and that each day brings a little more light as we progress towards spring. The cold darkness of winter will end soon enough. And after riding through this very cold and snowy winter, this is something to truly be thankful for. I’d love to hear what you are thankful for at this point in your lives (because there is so much).

Urban Simplicity.