Things That Can be Carried on a Bike (#555)

A Camera bag. A new book (this one, which I’m really excited about). Two new pairs of pants. Eight wood panels measuring 2ft by 4ft each (two full sheets of 1/2inch plywood quartered), and four 6ft boards. Urban Simplicity.


per·spec·tive n. a. A view or vista. b. A mental view or outlook This blog, in a way, has always been a sort of emotional medicine for me in the public arena. In what I write but also in the photos I post. Like many, I suppose, I have been a worrier since I wasContinue reading “Perspective…”

The passage of time, on being present, and a quote or two…

Okay. So first off, it is not very often that I post pictures of myself (almost never) but here you have it. This is a photo of my son and I as we (his mom and I) were dropping him off at his first year of college (the color-coordinated shirts were purely coincidence). And asContinue reading “The passage of time, on being present, and a quote or two…”

Death By Advertising

This interesting but short video was made in collaboration with and Micah M. White (from Adbusters). I find it interesting and it does make sense to me, but at the same time I find it somewhat ironic that it seems to be a sort of anti-advertisement (or a hidden advertisement) for their websites. ButContinue reading “Death By Advertising”

A Garden of Eden in Hell

The above image is that of Alice Herz-Sommer, who is also the interviewee in the below short but very inspiring video. At 108 years young she is the oldest known living Holocaust survivor. A few years ago–at the age of 104–she wrote a book called A Garden of Eden in Hell, retelling her amazing lifeContinue reading “A Garden of Eden in Hell”