The View from My Handlebars…

I had to be at work a little early this morning. It was cold–the first really cold morning of the year–probably about 30F, and not a breeze in the air. It felt good; crisp. And then as I rounded the corner and faced east this was the view in front of me as the sunContinue reading “The View from My Handlebars…”

A Garden of Eden in Hell

The above image is that of Alice Herz-Sommer, who is also the interviewee in the below short but very inspiring video. At 108 years young she is the oldest known living Holocaust survivor. A few years ago–at the age of 104–she wrote a book called A Garden of Eden in Hell, retelling her amazing lifeContinue reading “A Garden of Eden in Hell”

10 Quotes On Being Thankful (Happy Thanksgiving!)

Most of the readers are probably aware this, but in the event you are reading this blog outside North America, today is our American Thanksgiving, which is similar but on a different date than the Canadian holiday by the same name (click here to read about the Thanksgiving Holiday). This has always been my favoriteContinue reading “10 Quotes On Being Thankful (Happy Thanksgiving!)”

Truly Inspiring

By now many of you have probably heard this incredibly inspiring story, but I was so moved by it I thought I’d post it anyhow. The story I am referring to is that of the elderly Canadian couple, Allen and Violet Large, who won big in the lottery, really big…more than $11 million big. AndContinue reading “Truly Inspiring”