In flux…eight photos of the merging of seasons

As we all know this has been a hot summer–crazy hot–but this past week the temps have cooled (at least in Western New York) and it has ushered in the feeling of autumn, though it is still officially summer. Today, while out on my bike, I snapped these photos of nature in the city inContinue reading “In flux…eight photos of the merging of seasons”

A Mid-Autumn Surprise

I found the above berry (and two others) growing in my front yard this morning. Yup, even on this chilly autumn day (big difference in temperature today…feels more like autumn or early winter). I had planted a strawberry plant this past spring and didn’t expect any fruit until next spring. And as I was wheelingContinue reading “A Mid-Autumn Surprise”

An Evening View From My Handlebars…

It was such a beautiful evening tonight as I pedaled home…unseasonably warm for this time of year, not a breeze or cloud to be found, and the nearly full moon shone high in the sky (if you look close you can see a star or planet clearly visible to the moon’s lower left). It wasContinue reading “An Evening View From My Handlebars…”

A Couple More Pics…

Still in the same theme of you see way more on a bike than when diving a car (and have much more opportunity to appreciate it, and take a few photos), I thought I’d share a few more. This was the sky as I pedaled home from the health club this evening. Breathtaking, I thought.Continue reading “A Couple More Pics…”

First Frost…

Like much of the northern hemisphere it’s getting cold here this time of year and last night we had the first frost of the season. Though I truly do love the change of seasons I am more than a bit ambivalent of the advent of the cold months…I feel unprepared this year, physically and mentally.Continue reading “First Frost…”

Sometimes when it rains…

It seemed quiet on the streets tonight; maybe I was just imagining it. It was also raining…not heavy, just a light drizzle; slightly heavier than a mist…a drizzle. It was also a typical autumn evening…cool and damp; I could smell wood smoke in the air as I pedaled. And as I pedaled and coasted IContinue reading “Sometimes when it rains…”

End of the Season

Well, I’d guess I should stop being in denial and face facts that the cold weather is on the way. I did my annual ritual of digging up the front yard garden today to make room for a shipment of firewood which is slated for delivery tomorrow; the wood gets dumped in my front yardContinue reading “End of the Season”

Half Moon over Buffalo

Today was the first day I’ve felt mostly back to “normal” (what is normal), meaning I am finally starting to feel well after a week-and-a-half illness, an early cold. Nothing major, but I was really sick for a bit. You know what I’m talking about…when you are so rundown that everything is a chore. Anyhow,Continue reading “Half Moon over Buffalo”

Things That Can Be Carried in a Cart

$36.79 in groceries. Sometimes I just have to use my feet. To me, walking is to bicycling as bicycling is to driving…it slows things down and brings things into perspective; I see and notice things when I walk that I likely wouldn’t if on a bike and definitely wouldn’t if in a car.  I neededContinue reading “Things That Can Be Carried in a Cart”

Autumnal Contemplations

Autumn has always been my favorite season…I love the cool crisp air and how it smells, and I like wearing fall clothes. I also enjoy not sweating in the kitchen (both at my job and at home). But it also puts me in a contemplative mood at times..and this is not a bad thing (atContinue reading “Autumnal Contemplations”