Warm Weather and a Recipe…

Okay, so as I type these words it is 4:00pm in the afternoon, December 3rd, and it is a balmy 55f/12c…and I am typing in Buffalo, NY, where we are known for our often harsh winters. I’m sure we’re going to get a taste of it soon enough (though last year it hardly snowed atContinue reading “Warm Weather and a Recipe…”

Two Views from my Handlebars

The weather this past week has been–as far as I’m concerned–perfect. Idyllically autumn. Crisp, barely a breeze, or cloud in the sky. Also perfect weather to be on a bike. The above photo is a building I pass everyday, and as I coasted past this evening the sun hit it just right. This is alsoContinue reading “Two Views from my Handlebars”

From My Front Porch…

  It’s interesting, I think, how these two photos were taken five minutes (or less) apart and from the same location but looking in different directions; the top photo is looking west while the bottom photo is looking south. But I’m getting ahead of myself.  I have the weekend off this week…the first in aboutContinue reading “From My Front Porch…”

Two (contrasting) Views from My Handlebars…

What a difference a few hours can make. The above photo is looking skyward to beautiful clear skies, and the below is earthbound in torrential rain. The top photo I took this morning on my way to work. I was about to enter another busy day and stopped for a moment and straddled my bikeContinue reading “Two (contrasting) Views from My Handlebars…”

The View from My Handlebars…

It was such a beautiful day and evening today; it felt more like spring than it did autumn. It was warm (freakishly warm)…70F/21C. Anyhow, I was at the intersection of Summer and Elmwood Streets, looking west, when I saw the scene pictured above. I thought I’d share. To see more views from my handlebars, clickContinue reading “The View from My Handlebars…”

A Few Views from My Handlebars

It has been magnificently autumnal these past few days. Crisp and chilly air, and great weather to ride a bike in (you don’t sweat). Anyhow these photos were taken yesterday and today; all while I was out doing errands. They were also taken with my little $99 point-and-shoot camera which fits so nicely in myContinue reading “A Few Views from My Handlebars”

Eight Days Separated by Two

So this is pretty cool (I think). Above is a series of four photos I spliced together which were taken over an eight day period every two days…a row of tomatoes, which I picked when I tore up my front garden, sitting on a kitchen sill ripening. Urban Simplicity.

Photos from Moving Windows…

I was in NYC yesterday for just 24 hrs. Took a plane in and a train out. Hence these photos. I took a 5:45am flight (geeze that is early for someone who is not particularly a morning person) and that’s an image above from the plane window. Awesome isn’t it. The sun coming up overContinue reading “Photos from Moving Windows…”

Fall Colors and a Few Comments…

These two photos have nothing in relation to one another other than they represent fall colors (I think). And it’s interesting how the last of the harvest season–before everything turns grey for the winter–is such a burst of color. It’s as if the Universe is saying, “Here you go…have one last blast of color beforeContinue reading “Fall Colors and a Few Comments…”

Washington Square Park in the Rain

I was in NYC over the weekend when I shot these photos. I was walking back to my room after having a couple beers at the Back Fence. It was raining and I cut through the park…sometimes it feels so good to walk in the rain. Walking through places like this gives me such aContinue reading “Washington Square Park in the Rain”

A View from My Handlebars…Crazy Swirly Sky (three photos)

If you’ve been to this blog before then you know that I enjoy taking photos of the sky. And lately there have been many opportunities…there have been the craziest swirly cloud formations. I took the first two photos on my way home this evening, and then about twenty minutes later–as I left the house toContinue reading “A View from My Handlebars…Crazy Swirly Sky (three photos)”

"Tis the Season…

Yes, whether we like it or not, it is that time of year again. The weather is getting colder. And with it lighter foods give way to heartier ones, and one of my favorites is soup. I’ve posted this recipe before, or at least variations of it, but it is so delicious and easy toContinue reading “"Tis the Season…”

L’automne … six photos

I was going to try and write something profound here…something to the effect of how amazing Mother Nature is and the incredible beauty that surrounds us always–that all we need to do is open our eyes to it–but I don’t need to, or at least I can’t put this natural beauty into words. These images–andContinue reading “L’automne … six photos”

A view from my handlebars…and a brief comment

I was on my way home this evening and stopped to snap this photo. I love the autumn and was so taken by this scene I literally stopped in the middle of the street and snapped a few photos. And I’ve stated many times, one of the many things I enjoy about being on aContinue reading “A view from my handlebars…and a brief comment”

Five Photos of the Setting Sun…

Dusk and dawn are my two favorite times to take photos…the slant of the sun does magical things. These were taken over the course of the past two days at varying times of evening; from early evening to just as it turned from dusk to night. My favorite, though, is the image above…it’s a cloudContinue reading “Five Photos of the Setting Sun…”