Really Simple (and really delicious) Stir-Fry Recipe

This recipe is so easy but it is also equally delicious. Once you have everything prepped it takes a mere 5 minutes to cook. While I used chicken, the recipe is equally good with nearly any other meat, poultry, or seafood; it can also be made vegetarian–sans meat–by substituting the meat with tofu, tempeh, seitan,Continue reading “Really Simple (and really delicious) Stir-Fry Recipe”

A Quick and Delicious Recipe (and how cooking can be therapeutic)

I’ve posted this recipe before and it’s one of my favorite stir-fries. Sometimes I make it myself and now-and–again I order it from a local restaurant. But, as often is the case, I’m jumping ahead. Last evening I was stressed; over a few things but basically that I had too much to do and notContinue reading “A Quick and Delicious Recipe (and how cooking can be therapeutic)”

Salute the General

I made this for staff lunch at work today…General Tso’s Chicken. It is not that difficult to prepare and really rewarding because when you make it yourself it is not greasy or sickeningly-sweet. The only differences in the version I prepared today (the one picture) is that I added a sliced orange and toasted sesameContinue reading “Salute the General”

Simple Stirfy…or, how to make something really quick and delicious with what you have

I’ve said this before, but some evenings cooking dinner in my home is like taking a mystery basket test. By the time I get home my son is hungry (and so am I) so time is something to consider…and there’s often just a scant few things in the fridge. Don’t believe the unrealistic TV showsContinue reading “Simple Stirfy…or, how to make something really quick and delicious with what you have”

Broccoli, Crispy Tofu, and Chicken Stirfry

This is one of my favorite stirfrys…traditionally it is made sans chicken–with just the broccoli and bean curd–but my son likes meat so I added it to the recipe; I like it this way, too. This is easy and nutritious; it’s a recipe–or variations of it–that I make somewhat frequently and have posted it aContinue reading “Broccoli, Crispy Tofu, and Chicken Stirfry”

Broccoli, Bean Curd (and chicken) Stirfry

This is one of my favorite stirfrys, or at least a variation of it. It’s a recipe that you’ll find in most Chinese restaurants but is very simple to make at home. The original recipe is sans chicken (hence the reason it’s in parenthesis in the title), but having a teen-aged son usually requires someContinue reading “Broccoli, Bean Curd (and chicken) Stirfry”

My Favorite Stir-Fry (Recipe and Photos)

This is a variation of a recipe I published in Artvoice a couple years ago and it’s one of my favorite stir-fry recipes…it’s simple to prepare and is close to flavor of a dish you may order at a Chinese restaurant. But when you make it at home you can control the salt and sugarContinue reading “My Favorite Stir-Fry (Recipe and Photos)”

Basmati Rice wiith Tilapia and Asparagus

It probably comes to no surprise to readers of this blog that I like to keep things simple when I cook…I’ve learned, by trial-and-error mostly, and through years of experience, that too many flavors often (unnecessarily) complicate a dish. This is also true with technique, I think…the simpler the better in my book. Even theContinue reading “Basmati Rice wiith Tilapia and Asparagus”