Yet Another Pizza (and loaf of bread)

If you’ve read any of my previous ramblings you’ve probably surmised by now that I like to make bread and pizza. Leavened dough products, in my opinion, should really be listed in their own food group. Pizza is a great way to utilize what you have in the fridge (or freezer). Unfortunately, I believe peopleContinue reading “Yet Another Pizza (and loaf of bread)”

Whole Wheat Pizza with Multiple Layers of Flavor

As is often the case with me at dinner time, I’ll remember that I need to go grocery shopping. At any rate, I made this pizza for my son and I using ingredients that were on hand…and it was great. It’s simple to make, and you really can use whatever ingredients you have. This isContinue reading “Whole Wheat Pizza with Multiple Layers of Flavor”

Backyard Bouillabaisse

I recently came across these photos on my old laptop and thought I’d post them. They’re at least a few years old pictures of when my son and I made bouillabaisse in our backyard. We basically dug a hole in the ground and started a fire. Then we put a pot on it and cookedContinue reading “Backyard Bouillabaisse”

Autumnal Food and My First Snowy Ride on the Mundo

Bread For Thanksgiving Dinner I am truly blessed in that I have three lovely sisters who give me the day off on Thanksgiving. The only things that I am required to do are bring freshly baked bread and carve the bird. I know that my younger sister likes roast red pepper bread, so I usuallyContinue reading “Autumnal Food and My First Snowy Ride on the Mundo”

Pictures of Autumn

It’s easy to live simply in the city during the summer…there are no heating concerns, and vegetable gardens grow like weeds. But as the seasons march forward, things change. Autumn has always been, and still is, my favorite season. I had a few days off this past weekend and used the time to ready myselfContinue reading “Pictures of Autumn”

Kibbee and Rice

Kibbee is a traditional Lebanese dish that can be eaten baked, fried, or (yikes!) raw. It’s a mixture of lamb (sometimes I use beef), bulgar wheat and spices. When I was a kid I would gobble this stuff down raw…not any more…too risky today with food born illness. Anyhow, I did my own variation byContinue reading “Kibbee and Rice”