The view from my handlebars, or the beauty right in front of me, or a few things I saw while riding my bike today…

It’s always sort of invigorating to finish a project no matter how big or small. This morning, for example, I finished a short paper that I had to write and I thought I’d reward myself with a bike ride and take a few photos. I rode first through my neighborhood and the downtown area, thenContinue reading “The view from my handlebars, or the beauty right in front of me, or a few things I saw while riding my bike today…”

Dans le jardin…

So I’ve mentioned on numerous occasions how fortunate I am to work in a place that is not only such an incredibly beautiful building, but also has such a lovely garden. And on some days–as a form of stress relief–I’ll go out in the garden on my lunch break. It’s interesting in that exactly oneContinue reading “Dans le jardin…”

Plus d’oiseaux…

This is really a continuation of a previous post where I described riding past a tree and some bushes loaded with these little birds.  Well I was riding past this same location today and heard them chirping away again. And this time I had a better camera with me so I thought I’d take aContinue reading “Plus d’oiseaux…”

Things on a bike in a gallery…

File this under shameless self promotion (it has taken me years–decades even–to get better at this). Anyhow, this is one of my photos that will be featured in a series of Things that can be Carried on a Bike at Queen City Gallery through the month of January in the Historic Market Arcade Building, 617Continue reading “Things on a bike in a gallery…”

Something I saw while riding my bike today…

 So I was on my way home today when I stopped at a traffic light and was waiting. It was a really nice day out (unlike what is heading our way). Anyhow, as I was waiting I was sort of zoned out when in the back of my head I noticed all these chirping sounds.Continue reading “Something I saw while riding my bike today…”

New Years Day (two photos)…

 It has been cold outside. Really cold. In the teens and single digits Fahrenheit. Snowy, too. Anyhow, after doing a bunch of errands today I bundled up and grabbed a camera and tripod and went for a brief but contemplative walk (which ended with beers at a bar). Anyhow, these are a couple pics ofContinue reading “New Years Day (two photos)…”

Buffalo Creek on Christmas Day

Yesterday and the day prior I drove a car (yup, it’s true…Buffalo Car Share). Two of my sisters live about 25 miles from me and this is the best way to get to them on a cold Christmas day. Anyhow, I used the opportunity to snap a few photos along the way. All of theContinue reading “Buffalo Creek on Christmas Day”

Four Trees; One Photo

I came upon this while riding my bike the other night. It was frigid cold out; my fingers ached, but I thought this was beautiful. So a took a photo and thought I’d share. Click it for a slightly larger view. Urban Simplicity.

First Friday…

Okay, so this is another Buffalo specific post and a bit of shameless self-promotion (sorry). But if you happen to find yourself in Western New York during the month of December and like galleries you may be interested in visiting the College Street Art Gallery and Co-op. It’s a teeny little space at the cornerContinue reading “First Friday…”

Past and Present….or a bit of photographic time-travel

This is the continuation of a brief series I have sporadically posted where I print out an old photo and go to its location, hold up the original and try to match it to current day and snap a few photos. I have always enjoyed history, and personally I think this is pretty cook. TheContinue reading “Past and Present….or a bit of photographic time-travel”

Three photos from a moving train…

Beautiful NY State. It really is. I took these photos last week while on a train from NYC to Buffalo. I love the fall colors before the snow came. The bottom photo I think is particularly interesting in that that camera focused in a the stream and everything else is a sort of blur becauseContinue reading “Three photos from a moving train…”

Greenwich Village at Night (pictures and words)

I was in NYC this past weekend, and no matter what city I find myself I am always drawn to it’s funkier neighborhoods. I love their color, flavor, visuals, and eccentricities. If I’m in Toronto, for example, I usually gravitate to Queen Street West or the Kensington market. The half-dozen times I’ve been to ParisContinue reading “Greenwich Village at Night (pictures and words)”

The View from my Handlebars (a few things I saw while riding my bike today)

Urban Simplicity.

Hot Colors, Cold Night…my neighborhood in the pouring rain

So I haven’t posted much in the last few days–or a week–for a few reasons. The first is that my life has seemed to get increasingly busier (am I the only one that feels this way?). And the second reason is that I’ve had a mild lens malfunction on my camera as of late. FromContinue reading “Hot Colors, Cold Night…my neighborhood in the pouring rain”

Sometimes I Gotta Use My Feet…

If you’ve been to this blog before then you know that I like to ride bicycles as transportation. A lot. And I often comment on how much more a person sees while on a bike rather than being stuck in a plastic and metal shell more commonly known as an automobile. Many of my photos,Continue reading “Sometimes I Gotta Use My Feet…”

Squawkin’ for Momma, and What are You Lookin’ at? (and other things)

(More shameless self-promotion…sorry in advance.) So I know people view this little blog from all over the globe, but a few do view it from the very same city in which I reside. So if you happen to be in Buffalo, NY  during the month of November I’m just saying that these are two (outContinue reading “Squawkin’ for Momma, and What are You Lookin’ at? (and other things)”